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It’s hard to believe nearly two weeks have passed since The CW’s bombshell announcement that they would not be moving forward with the Supernatural  spinoff Wayward Sisters. This came as a shock to a lot of longtime fans, who have supported the Wayward movement and spinoff for over three years now. Led by the Wayward Daughters Twitter account, fans spent the week after the announcement tirelessly trying to get The CW to change their mind. Emails, physical letters, tweets, petitions, thunderclaps, artwork, video compilations, photos of fans wearing Wayward gear, tweets from most of the Supernatural  cast and crew, and more came pouring in with love for the spinoff. For one week, we felt the unstoppable force of the fandom. But, on the day of the CW Upfronts and the Supernatural  Season 13 finale, it was announced with finality that the network was not going to reverse their decision.

From that moment on, the fate of Wayward Sisters  no longer rested in The CW’s hands. Now, it’s completely up to Warner Bros (who owns The CW).

So naturally, a new plan was formed. After some encouraging nudges from the actors, fans shifted their attention to Netflix, hoping that the streaming service would save Wayward Sisters  and buy the show from Warner Bros. That’s where we are now.

Why Netflix? Is it even possible?

Netflix is our best chance at getting Wayward Sisters  as we know it picked up. This is a perfect time to push for a pickup, especially with the new funding that the Obama’s are throwing into the streaming service for diverse content. Wayward Sisters  fits right into that category. Netflix also holds contracts with The CW in many different countries for the streaming rights to Supernatural. This gives them a better chance at signing a deal with Warner Bros for the rights to produce Wayward Sisters.

Additionally, a deal involving a spinoff has happened between Warner Bros and Netflix before. Riverdale  was originally supposed to get a spinoff show to air alongside it on The CW called Sabrina. Warner Bros, however, decided to pass on the idea and sold the proposed spinoff to Netflix. Now, the streaming service is producing Sabrina and has ordered 20 episodes of the show to start.

It is completely possible for Netflix to acquire the rights to Wayward Sisters  AND contract all of the actors that we know and love. In the end, it all comes down to money.

Here’s what needs to happen:

Netflix has the money. Warner Bros has Wayward Sisters. We have to convince Netflix that purchasing the show is the right move, and we also have to convince Warner Bros to give up the rights. In order for that to happen, we need to make ourselves heard and show Netflix that if they do pick up Wayward Sisters, we’ll be there to support it.


What can you do to help?

This is perhaps the most important part of the process. Fans need to come together to support this show that we love so dearly, in order to make it a reality. Here are some positive things that you can do to help get Wayward Sisters  picked up by Netflix:

1. Watch The Pilot On Netflix

One of the best ways we can show support for Wayward Sisters  is by watching the pilot on Netflix. On Friday, May 25, Supernatural  Season 13 comes out on Netflix in the United States. The backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters  is episode 10 of season 13, and we need to watch it. A lot. The more views it gets on the platform, the better our chances at Netflix picking it up.

A Wayward Watch Party has been set up for Friday, May 25 at 8pm EST. The plan is to watch Wayward Sisters together and live tweet it using the hashtag #SaveWaywardSisters, while also tagging Netflix and Warner Bros in every single tweet. If you cannot participate in this virtual watch party, you’re encouraged to set up your own watch party time or just watch it when you have a free moment! You do not have to watch the show at a certain time for your view to count. However, the more interest is shown early on, the better our chances.

International viewers who might not have access to the pilot on Netflix: there are other things you can do when it comes to viewing Wayward content on the platform. Go back and re-watch any episodes of Supernatural  you have access to that include the Wayward ladies. Jody first appeared on Supernatural  in season 5, so if you work your way up from there, you’ll have quite a few Wayward episodes to watch. United States residents, you can also partake in the massive Wayward re-watch, just make sure you focus on the pilot first. Here’s a quick episode guide for you.

Jody Appears In: 
5×15 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
6×04 Weekend At Bobby’s
7×02 Hello Cruel World
7×06 Slash Fiction
7×12 Time After Time
8×23 Sacrifice
9×08 Rock and a Hard Place
9×19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann
10×08 Hibbing 911
11×12 Don’t You Forget About Me
12×06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
12×22 Who We Are
13×03 Patience
13×09 The Bad Place
13×10 Wayward Sisters

Donna Appears In: 
9×13 The Purge
10×08 Hibbing 911
11×07 Plush
13×10 Wayward Sisters
13×11 Breakdown

Claire Appears In: 
4×20 The Rapture (not Kathryn Newton)
10×09 The Things We Left Behind
10×10 The Hunter Games
10×20 Angel Heart
11×12 Don’t You Forget About Me
12×16 Ladies Drink Free
13×10 Wayward Sisters

Alex Appears In: 
9×19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann
10×08 Hibbing 911 (Mentioned)
11×12 Don’t You Forget About Me
12×22 Who We Are
13×10 Wayward Sisters

Image Credit to Elle.com

2. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

Keep tweeting your support for Wayward Sisters! Whenever you do, make sure to include the hashtag #SaveWaywardSisters and tag both @netflix and @warnerbrostv. You can also join the daily Wayward thunderclaps in an effort to get the show trending. Loving tweets of support are going to be the most beneficial. International viewers, this is extremely important for you to do. Show Netflix that Wayward Sisters  has fans from all over the world. International interest is very beneficial. Additionally, if you purchase or have purchased the Wayward Sisters  episode from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or anywhere else: tweet a proof of that purchase to Netflix and Warner Bros. Showing them that you’re willing to put your money behind the show can’t hurt.

3. Sign The Petition

Even though the original Save Wayward Sisters  petition, with over 75,000 signatures, is aimed towards The CW, it’s still extremely important. We can show this petition to Netflix now and let them know just how much we want Wayward Sisters  to be a full series. So if you haven’t already, please sign it. Post it everywhere, signal boost it, and get friends and family to sign as well.

4. Keep Sharing Your Wayward Story

What does Wayward mean to you? Share your story. Write it out, make artwork, create a video, express yourself in any way you see fit. Just make sure you’re talking about why Wayward Sisters  is important to you and why you think it should get picked up by Netflix. Then when you post it, make sure you tag Netflix and Warner Bros so they can see it too.

5. Request The Show On Netflix

Requesting a show on Netflix is relatively simple. When you’re logged into your Netflix account, go to the help center and click on “request a TV show or movie”. You have three spots to enter your requests and you can fill all three with Wayward Sisters. Also… you can submit a request for a show as many times as you want, over and over again. Just saying.

6. Don’t Give Up

There’s a chance that we won’t hear any news about this for a while. Don’t let that discourage you. Sometimes stuff like this takes time and, as long as we’re here for Wayward, there’s always a good chance that things will take a turn for the better.

Let’s show our support for Wayward Sisters  and try to get Netflix to pick it up. Together, the fandom has the power to help make this a reality.

Alana is a YouTuber, aspiring filmmaker, and avid reader. She currently majors in film & television, and minors in social media & digital strategies. You can normally find her creating videos about her favorite fandoms which include Supernatural, Harry Potter and Marvel among others. You can find her video work at http://youtube.com/c/kingbooks.

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