Alana is a YouTuber, aspiring filmmaker, and avid reader. She currently majors in film & television, and minors in social media & digital strategies. You can normally find her creating videos about her favorite fandoms which include Supernatural, Harry Potter and Marvel among others. You can find her video work at
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Supernatural Pittsburgh Recap: A Last Hurrah For The ‘Burgh

For many people in the Supernatural fandom, myself included, Creation Entertainment's Salute…

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Hot Topic Unveils New Wayward Sisters Shirt

Heads up Wayward Sisters fans, Hot Topic (AKA fandom heaven) has just…

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Wayward Sisters For Netflix: How You Can Help

It's hard to believe nearly two weeks have passed since The CW's…

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Sam Winchester’s 5 Biggest Moments in ‘Supernatural’ Season 13

Sam freaking Winchester has been kicking butt since 2005, and season 13…

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The Best Fandom Subscription Boxes

If you're a fandom enthusiast, there are literally hundreds of subscription boxes…

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