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If you’re a fandom enthusiast, there are literally hundreds of subscription boxes out there catered specifically towards you. But how do you know that you’ll be getting a good quality box if the items inside are a mystery every single month? Some boxes are specific to certain fandoms (like Supernatural, Harry Potter and Marvel), but some are also more broad and include items from all kinds of different fandoms. Never fear, because we’ve got you covered with a list of the best fandom subscription boxes that are out there. We also have coupon codes for you to use on some of the boxes, so if you’d like to sign up for one you can save a bit of money.


General Fandom Boxes

Looking for a broader range of fandom goods? These are some of the best multi-fandom and general fandom subscription boxes that money can buy.

FanMail Box

Curated by two fangirls, Jenny and Rose, this box comes bi-monthly and normally includes items from a bunch of different fandoms, all catered around one specific theme. The FanMail box is marketed mostly towards girl geeks, and includes at least one item from a small business (run by a woman) in every single box. So by purchasing one, you’re supporting female creators and getting awesome items in return. It’s a win, win! You can use the coupon code KINGBOOKS for 10% off your purchase.

Fandom of the Month Club

One of the longest running fandom subscription boxes of all time, Fandom of the Month Club comes every single month and includes several extremely high quality pieces of fandom jewelry. Most boxes are specific to one certain fandom, but every year on their anniversary, they do a special ginormous multi-fandom one. Unlike most other subscription boxes, they do not tell you what theme each month is, so the boxes are always a surprise when you get them. You can follow their Instagram for hints on future boxes and items, which they release periodically (and sometimes for limited amounts of time).

Nerdy Post

This box features a different fandom every month (they pull from movies, books, and TV shows), and provides uniquely hand-lettered goods. They announce the themes at the beginning of each month and it’s super easy to skip that month if you don’t like/aren’t involved with the fandom being represented. They also have different packages you can choose from: a monthly box of smaller hand-lettered items (pins, stickers, bookmarks, posters, etc.), a monthly hand-lettered t-shirt, or a combination of both. Prices are reasonable and the artwork is always 100% exclusive to the box you’re purchasing.

Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly

This subscription box features a new fandom every single month. The theme is always announced before the box ships out, so you can make sure you like the fandom that you’re receiving before you buy. Each box contains three to five pieces of jewelry, some accessories/apparel, and artwork. Honestly, the amount of items that you receive always greatly exceeds the cost that you pay for the box itself. You can use the code KINGBOOKS15 for 15% off your order of the Kal-Elle fandom box.

Fizzy Fairy Apothecary

This box comes once a month and contains four exclusive bath bombs that are catered to a specific fandom. Each bath bomb is different, and the list of ingredients is always released beforehand so you can make sure you’re not allergic to anything in the box. Also included are small items like bracelets or necklaces that pertain to that certain fandom as well. Past themes include Supernatural, Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Lootcrate actually produces several different subscription boxes. They started off with a general multi-fandom one (marketed as a crate for geeks and gamers), but they also have specific boxes for gaming, anime and fandoms like Harry Potter, Marvel and Stranger Things! You can check out all of the boxes and plans on their website, but there’s no doubt that each box they put out is definitely great quality.




Looking for unique Supernatural merchandise, and want a fun surprise on your doorstep? Here are a few hunter’s kits to help keep your need for Supernatural merch sated (for now).

The Official Supernatural Subscription Box 

This is the only officially licensed Supernatural subscription box in existence. It’s distributed by CultureFly, who also provides boxes for other fandoms like Game of Thrones and D.C. Comics. All of the items in this box are 100% exclusive, so you can’t get them anywhere else. The box comes quarterly (which means you get 4 boxes per year). They have several programs you can sign up for in terms of payment: you can either pay box to box or pay for a year in advance. The year in advance plan will save you a bit of money, but you will be taking the risk that you’ll like all the boxes. So just make sure you’re ready for a year of mystery Supernatural goodies before you sign up!

Hunter’s Chest 

This Supernatural box is curated by a fan of the show. It comes monthly and includes two options for purchase: regular and pro. The pro box will get you more Supernatural merchandise, the total cost of which always exceeds the cost of the box as a whole. While the things in this box are not exclusive, there is a pretty good variety in the items that come every month. You can use the code KINGBOOKS15 for 15% off your purchase of the Hunter’s Chest.


Harry Potter

Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? You’re not alone. Here are some subscription boxes that will help tide you over until that owl finally arrives.

The Accio Box

Perhaps one of the most unique fandom subscription boxes out there, Accio is a monthy box specifically catered towards Harry Potter fans! Funnily enough, the curators of the box (Christina and Emily) are from Lawrence, Kansas and are also huge Supernatural fans. I’m working on trying to get them to make a Supernatural box similar to Accio because this Harry Potter box is literally perfection. It includes 3-5 pieces of unique HP goods handcrafted by different independent artists. So when you purchase a box, you’re supporting various different extremely talented indie creators. The coolest part? When you sign up for the box, you let them know what your Hogwarts house is. In every single box, you will then receive at least one item specific to your house!

GeekGear’s World of Wizardry

This Harry Potter themed box comes once a month and ships from the United Kingdom. Similar to the Accio box, you can pick what house you’re in when you sign up to receive it. Every month you will get one item that’s specific to the house of your choice, but the rest of the items will be common to every single box. You can use the code KINGBOOKS15 for 15% off your purchase of World of Wizardry.

J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World

Distributed by Lootcrate, this Harry Potter themed box comes monthly and is one of the only officially licensed Harry Potter subscription boxes in existence. When you sign up, you pick your house and choose between 1, 3 and 6 month plans. Every item that’s included is exclusive to the box!

Marvel and D.C.

Marvel and D.C. boxes are not hard to come by. The amount of monthly comic subscription boxes rivals the amount of young adult book subscription boxes (so, a lot). Here are a few boxes centering around Marvel and DC with a fun and unique twist.

Marvel Collector Corps

This box is perfect for any Marvel and Funko fan. Curated by Funko and officially licensed by Marvel, Collector Corps comes bi-monthly and features 100% exclusive items that you can’t find anywhere else. This is perfect for collectors of Pop! vinyl figures, as sometimes the ones that come in these boxes gain value over time. The boxes normally tie into the Marvel movies that are upcoming (for example, when Thor: Ragnarok came out, they released a box centered around the film). When a new film isn’t coming out, the box normally centers specifically on the comics.

Ladies of Legend

This box is marketed as the only subscription box to be completely character-based. They feature three prominent female characters from comics every month, and make sure to include them from both DC and Marvel. Each month you can choose to receive a box about a heroine, villainess, or lord. Regular boxes always include comics (or graphic novels) centered around the main character, and two to five other products also centered on that leading lady. Super boxes include a t-shirt with exclusive art. You can pick between one or the other, and subscribe now for a monthly dose of powerful female comic characters delivered straight to your door.

SuperHero Crate LLC

The cool thing about this box is that it isn’t focused specifically DC or Marvel, and frequently includes products from both major comic companies. Whether you’re a fan of superhero TV shows, movies, or actual comics, this box is for you. There are two plans you can sign up for: the showcase box (which includes 1 shirt, two bagged and boarded comics, and other related products) or the ultimate box (which includes 1 shirt, two bagged and boarded comics or graphic novels, and other related products). This box ships monthly.

Legion of Collectors

Much like Marvel Collector Corps, Legion of Collectors is distributed by Funko. In partnership with DC Comics, it features 100% exclusive items on a bi-monthly basis. For fans of Funko, this box is absolutely perfect because you get Pop! figures that you can’t find anywhere else. They also tend to curate their boxes depending on which DC movie is coming out next. For example, the box pictured below is their Wonder Woman one (which came out just before the film did last summer).


Young Adult Books

Book boxes have exploded in the past few years, but some still stand out from the others. Here are the best subscription boxes for Young Adult book lovers!


OwlCrate is normally classified as the original YA book box. It’s easy to see why. The quality that this box provides is incredible. Each month you get a new release hardcover book (hand-picked by the OwlCrate staff) that centers around a certain theme. The other 3-5 items in the box will also pertain to that theme (all of which are from independent businesses across the United States). This box generally sells out every month, so ordering early is always a good option. They also have another box specifically for younger kids called OwlCrate Jr. which features a new book for a young audience every month, along with 3-5 items as well (just like the normal OwlCrate, but for little kids). You can sign up now or join their waitlist for the next box if they’re sold out.

LitJoy Crate

This box is pretty similar to Owlcrate, but still provides a wonderful bookish experience for its customers. While the main LitJoy crate caters towards fans of YA Literature in general, they also have boxes for middle grade fans and children’s picture books. Along with new release books, these boxes also include several fun items (some from independent artists).


If you’re a lover of YA Fantasy, this box is for you. The Whimsify box includes one new-release Young Adult Fantasy book every month, most of the time with personalized notes/signed book plates from the author. Along with the book, you also get 5 to 6 items that go along with the specific theme of the box/book. Most of these items come from various different independent artists, so it’s a great way to fall in love with new creators and Etsy shops. When it comes to payment plans, you can choose to buy on a month to month basis, or you can prepay 3 to 6 months in advance. If you’d like to purchase a box, you can use the code KING10 for 10% off your order.


Perhaps one of the coolest bookish subscription boxes of all time, Pagehabit comes to your door on a monthly basis. When you sign up, you can choose from a variety of different genres including Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Literary Fiction, and more. You’ll get a new book with little annotated sticky notes placed throughout the novel (written by the author) giving you extra tidbits on the story and the writing process. Along with a new hardcover book, you also get some awesome bookish items to enhance your reading experience. The best part? With the purchase of every box, Pagehabit will donate a book to someone in need. Each month the donations go to a different country, and Pagehabit will include a nice infographic in the box to show you where the donations went (and why). You can use the code ALANA for $5 dollars off or free shipping on your order.


And if none of that convinced you, here’s a playlist of unboxing videos that features most of the boxes mentioned above.

Hopefully this helps you decide what subscription boxes you’d like to try in the future. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever received any of these and which ones you want to try the most!

Alana is a YouTuber, aspiring filmmaker, and avid reader. She currently majors in film & television, and minors in social media & digital strategies. You can normally find her creating videos about her favorite fandoms which include Supernatural, Harry Potter and Marvel among others. You can find her video work at

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