Shadowhunters Episode Recap: 3×05 Stronger Than Heaven


“Stronger Than Heaven” was a very emotional episode for so many reasons and so many things happened it was hard to keep track.

The episode starts of with Lilith needing a spell to control Jace, since he broke free from her spell. However, she needs a piece of Clary’s soul (the woman who owns Jace’s heart) to finish the spell, and regain control of Jace.

Jace and Clary are dealing with him not being okay, and him having these hallucinations. Jace previously found out his mom suffered from visions as well, before she took her own life. Jace decides he needs help, and he can’t live like this anymore. He decides to see the Silent Brothers who may be able to help him. Of course there is the issue that if they cannot help him, he’ll be seen as unfit for duty and be stripped of his runes. Clary is worried about this, so she suggests that they try asking an angel for help, since all this started ever since an angel brought Jace back from the dead, and they have a blood connection to the angel Ithuriel.

Meanwhile, Alec and Magnus are starting to have the relationship problems that viewers have been told were coming. Alec asks to move in with Magnus, and Magnus doesn’t think it’s a good idea, since they’ve only been dating for two months, and things change when you live together. Alec says it would bring them closer, but magnus, very sweetly, says that’s not possible. They end up dropping the conversation as Magnus has to leave to meet with someone.

Jace, before visiting the Silent Brothers, is going to help Simon. Simon has been dealing with the issue of the dangerous marking on his head. But has found some sense of happiness and normalcy with his amazing new roommate, with whom he appears to have a lot of similar interests. It seems perfect. Almost too good to be true. Jace tries to help Simon with his problem, and starts by finding whoever it was that cancelled Simon’s latest gig to play music at a restaurant. After Jace finds out it’s not someone from Luke’s pack, Jace comes to Simon’s new place, and points out how this situation with his roommate is a little too good to be true. Jace discovers that his new roommate is a werewolf, but not just any werewolf. He is a special kind of Downworld protector who has come to help Simon with his new power of blasting people who try to hurt him. Simon doesn’t want the help and feels betrayed because his new roommate lied to him. Jace tells Simon he’d be a fool not to take help if someone is offering to give it.

Clary is on a mission to talk to Ithuriel, and she needs the help of Luke’s sister, Cleophas, an Iron Sister. (Cleophas is played Lisa Berry for those Supernatural fans out there.) Clary also confesses to Luke how she used the angel Raziel to bring Jace back and how keeping that secret is killing her. She mentions that ever since Jace was brought back, he’s been having mental health problems.

Izzy seems to be the only one with mundane problems — well, one specific mundane problem. A doctor asked her out on a date, and she only said yes to get rid of him after the one date. She borrows Clary’s clothes, so she can look mundane and normal. Izzy appears to be having a nice time on the date she didn’t expect to enjoy. However, the date ends abruptly as her bracelet glows, indicating a demon is in the area. That demon was sent by Lilith to take a piece of Clary’s soul. Since Izzy is wearing Clary’s clothes, the demon mistakes her for Clary. Izzy kills the demon like a badass, so Lilith is then forced to find Clary herself.

Magnus and Alec continue to have issues as Alec has looked through Magnus’ personal box and felt guilty for invading his privacy. Magnus accepts the apology, but that’s not the real issue here. The issue is Magnus is immortal, and his box is full of mementos from people he loved. Alec realizes that he’ll be in that box one day, and in a few decades, Magnus will probably move on from him, and he’ll just be another token in that box.

Despite Alec and Magnus’ relationship problems, they have been inspiring to some. A Shadowhunter at the Institute thanks Alec for coming out as gay and in a relationship with a warlock, since that’s helped him come out as well. This is such a quick scene, but it shouldn’t get lost in this episode, even with everything else that’s happening. It was so important to show how Alec’s coming out has inspired others. It also shows how important representation is.

Clary, meanwhile, has gone to the house where Luke’s sister is living to help raise Ithuriel. Cleophas says she can’t help her, since she’s been trying for months to contact the angels but no one has responded. She thinks it because she’s done some terrible things that aren’t forgivable. But since Clary has Ithuriel’s blood in her, Cleophas thinks she can contact him.

Clary is immediately able to reach him, so Cleophas and Luke leave her alone to talk. Luke doesn’t like this, but Cleophas tells him to have faith in Clary. Ithuriel appears before her, and Clary asks if the reason Jace is having these hallucinations and mental health problems is because she brought him back. He tells her that’s not the reason, and that there is a bigger threat coming. Clary thinks he’s talking about The Owl, but he’s talking about Lilith, the one who controls The Owl. Before Ithuriel can say who the bigger threat is, Lilith comes from behind, rips his heart out, and kills him before taking a piece of Clary’s soul.

During this time, Jace visits his parabatai Alec and decides to tell him his choice about the Silent Brothers. What’s been nice to see in this episode is that Jace is starting to take time for himself. He’s always been the type to focus on the next mission and not worry about feelings or emotions. But now he’s being so open about his mental health and talking about it. He knows he’s not okay, and he’s being brave to seek help and accept that help. Jace isn’t acting embarrassed about it, and instead he is trying to address his problems, so he can get better. His whole attitude has changed, and that’s been nice to see.

However, the episode ends before Jace can get help, as Lilith is able to slip Jace her potion and regain control of him.

The next episode looks like it will be hard on everyone as Magnus and Alec continue to have issues, and Jace is now completely under Lilith’s control.

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