Shadowhunters Episode Recap: 3×02 The Powers That Be


Episode two of season three titled, “The Powers that Be” gained a lot of excitement on social media beforehand, given viewers were made aware that this episode would be heavy on Magnus and Alec. The episode did not disappoint viewers as Magnus and Alec had many funny and epic scenes together.

The episode starts off with Magnus and Alec going to a party for Lorenzo Rey, the new High Warlock of Brooklyn. Upon first meeting him, Alec does not like him, as he’s quite obnoxious and pompous. The party is going well when all of a sudden all of the warlocks’ magic starts to go awry and no one can figure out what happen. Lorenzo suspects Magnus is behind the incident, since one must be very powerful to cause something like that to happen.

The morning after the party, Magnus and Alec are shown in a cute domestic scene in Magnus’s and Alec’s apartment. Lorenzo comes over to speak with Magnus. Alec eavesdrops on their conversation, in which Lorenzo threatens to banish Magnus once he proves he is behind the previous night’s incident. Alec and Magnus talk about why Lorenzo is so sure it’s him, and Magnus reveals his father is Asmodeus, a prince of Hell. Not only is his father powerful and evil, but Magnus is as well.

Alec and Magnus set out to investigate what happened. Magnus is very concerned about solving this case, so the two of them plan a scheme to get back into Lorenzo’s place in order to find out who caused the magic to go awry.

Alec goes over to Lorenzo’s under the pretense that he wants an official statement from the new High Warlock, and wants to work jointly with him find whoever is behind this. Lorenzo, who is quite certain Magnus is behind everything, wonders why Alec is here, given that he is Magnus’ boyfriend. Alec assures him he wants to find whoever is behind the incident just as much as he does. Alec tells him that since he’s head of the New York Institute, he wants to keep everyone safe and turn in the culprit.

Alec uses this opportunity to distract Lorenzo to unlock the doors that lead into his house, allowing Magnus to slip in. It then become a hilarious game of Alec trying to distract Lorenzo and keep his attention on him to allow Magnus to use his magic to find was responsible. This was a hilarious scene to watch as Alec and Magnus make funny faces at each other, trying to give each other signals without speaking. At one point Magnus dives behind one of the couches to avoid being seen.

While these shenanigans are going on, other shenanigans are happening with Clary, Jace, Maia, and Simon. Jace wants to take Clary out on a nice date, and asks Simon, her best friend, for restaurant advice. When they arrive at the restaurant, the only table available is one that they must share with Simon and Maia. This makes for quite an awkward dinner. Clary tries to break the tension by asking Maia what happens to her clothes when she turns into a werewolf. To make the date more awkward, Maia’s butterfly tattoo comes up, which is on a very intimate part of her body. Jace says he knows about that tattoo, and has seen it, and it wasn’t because he saw Maia when she had turned. The date, that was already awkward to begin with, gets worse when they find out Jace and Maia had a thing for each other at one point.

After dinner, Clary doesn’t understand why Jace won’t sleep with her, given it seems like he’s done it with everyone else. Jace tells her it is because she’s different and he feels differently about her. They kiss after Jace’s confession.  

Back at Lorenzo’s place, Alec and Magnus leave after Magnus is done investigating. Magnus tells him that this was not done by his father and done by something more ancient, evil, and powerful.

After another incident with corrupted ley lines, it’s decided that they need to do something about the problem. Alec wants to use the core of the institute to clean out the lines by releasing it and having Magnus use his powers to help spread it. Some of the other Shadowhunters at the Institute don’t think this is a good idea, and would rather force problematic warlocks out of the city. Alec doesn’t listen to them and goes through with this plan. It turns out those who didn’t like the idea put in place certain protections to prevent Alec from releasing the core of the Institute. Alec has to override them and manually release the core. With Magnus’ help, they are able to spread the core and clean out the ley lines. Alec disciplines those who plotted against him.

Afterwards, Magnus and Alec discuss how whoever corrupted the ley lines is still out there and needs to be stopped. Magnus is also worried what Alec will think of him now that he knows Magnus’ dad is so evil. Alec reassures him he loves him and doesn’t care who his dad his.

The episode ends with tension in Luke’s wolf pack. In the beginning one of his pack members starts disrespecting Maia over the fact that she’s dating Simon, a vampire. Maia, being the amazing woman she is, doesn’t take any of his crap and tells him off. At the end, they try to attack Simon and force him out. When one of them strikes Simon, his forehead starts to glow with a blue marking and a giant blast sends the attacking werewolf flying into a van. No one has any idea how Simon did that, including Simon himself. Last episode, Simon had left the Seelie realm after the Seelie Queen branded something on his head. This marking was what the Seelie Queen marked him with, but that appears to be all the information we have on how Simon could do this.

Tonight’s episode looks exciting as Jace, Izzy, and Clary investigate a club, and it appears Jonathan is back. Meanwhile, Alec and Magnus are dining with Maryse, Alec’s mom, who hasn’t often been supportive of Alec being gay, and dating a warlock. Tune in tonight at 8/7c on Freeform.

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