Shadowhunters Episode Recap: 3×07 Salt in the Wound


Episode seven had some really shocking moments, some long-awaited questions were answered, and many characters had to deal with feeling guilty over things they did in the past.

Warning: this review contains major spoilers about certain characters dying.

This episode starts with Clary tracking Jace. She tries to take him down, but he overpowers her and drops her off the roof of a building, which leaves her pretty badly injured. Clary calls Simon for help.

Meanwhile, Simon is dealing with his own problems. His roommate/Downworld protector had previously been a bit wary about meeting Maia. Maia comes to the door to see their new place, and it turns out Simon’s roommate has been keeping a big secret from him. He’s Maia’s ex-boyfriend – the ex-boyfriend that turned her into a werewolf and abandoned her afterwards – and his name is Jordan, not Kyle.

Maia leaves, not wanting to see him again, and Simon goes to help Clary. It’s incredible that despite Clary being covered in her own blood, Simon isn’t even remotely tempted to drink it, and is only concerned with getting her safe. Quite a strong bond these two have.

Back at the Institute, Magnus, Izzy, Alec, Simon, and Luke are waiting for Clary. She tells them Jace is The Owl, and confesses all the secrets she’s been keeping. She tells them that Jace did die, when Alec’s Parabatai rune disappeared, and she made a wish to bring him back. Clary breaks down in tears from everything they’ve had to deal with and the pain of revealing so many secrets. She continues to tell them how Ithuriel is dead because a demon killed him in order to get a piece of Clary’s soul to regain control of Jace. Magnus jumps in and mentions how they were able to identify the demon as Lilith.

Clary tells Alec she knows this puts him in a bad position with The Clave. Alec says he would’ve done the same thing, and would’ve made a wish to bring Jace back just like Clary did. He hugs her and doesn’t turn her in. Alec really loves Jace, as shown by him worrying all season, but hearing him say he would’ve also made a wish to bring Jace back, even though he knows the consequences, shows just how much.

Simon leaves to go find Maia, and much of the episode is spent showing flashbacks of Maia and Jordan’s relationship. The two met when Maia was reading on the beach, and he passed her on the way to water to go surfing. Several flashbacks show how happy they were, and how they had a dream to move to Fiji to teach surfing lessons. That fantasy is broken when Maia gets into college to study marine biology on a scholarship. Jordan is angry, because he thinks moving Fiji was a real possibility, but Maia says it was just something nice to think about. Jordan is angry and jealous Maia left him. All the emotions he’s feeling are too much for him, and he turns into a werewolf. Unable to control himself, he attacks Maia. When he turns back into a human, and sees the blood all over him along with Maia’s bloody body, he runs, unable to face what he did. He leaves her bloody on the beach.

Maia and Jordan have a confrontation where Jordan says he joined the Praetor Lupis to help people and make up for what he did. Maia tells him she can’t forgive him (which to be honest, he doesn’t deserve). Maia forces him to stay with Simon when he wants to leave Simon’s case, and put someone else on it instead. She tells him he can’t abandon him like he abandoned her. Maia this season has proven herself to be so strong and never backs down to anyone, but her confronting her horrible ex who ruined her life because he couldn’t control himself, was one of the most bad ass things anyone has ever done on this show.

While Maia has been dealing with her past this whole episode, Luke and Simon are on a mission to find Olie, Luke’s partner who Lilith took as one of her minions. Olie found a potential location before The Owl got to her, and Luke and Simon go investigate. On the way, Luke tells Simon he’s the one who called Praetor Lupis to get Simon some help. They enter the building where two of Lilith’s minions attack Simon. Simon’s mark activates, and instead of just blasting them back like it usually does, the mark disintegrates the two guys, and Lilith (off somewhere else) screams as she feels them dissolve.

Izzy, Alec, and Clary go to Alicante to find a prison that they could use to trap Jace. They visit Jace’s grandmother who they know they can trust to help them. As she’s escorting them to weapons area, a few other Clave members stop them. Alec distracts them while the rest of them grab the prison. They grab what they need, and are ready to go find Jace… when Jace himself comes in. He’s there for Valentine’s body, as Lilith requested him to retrieve.

Knowing Jace isn’t really Jace, his grandmother tries to stop him, but he stabs her. Leaving her for dead, he makes his way to the graveyard to dig up the body. Before his grandmother dies, though, she sends a signal to let the others know there’s an intruder. Izzy, Alec, and Jace stop Jace and trap him in the prison. However, there are guards coming towards them, so Clary buys them time by using a rune to portal all of them, including Jace, who is in the prison, to Magnus’ loft so he can help them. Clary is left alone, and the guards take her away, thinking she was the intruder.

The next episode seems to be focused on trying to see what can be done to help Jace. Magnus is trying is hardest to help, since he feels so guilty for making the potion Lilith used on Jace. The Seelie Queen also makes another appearance since her rune she put on Simon’s head seems to be the only thing that has an effect on Lilith.

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