Supernatural’s David Haydn-Jones Releases First Single!


Fans of Supernatural’s David Haydn-Jones are in for a treat, because David has just released his first ever musical single, “Makin’ Bacon.”

It all started almost exactly a year ago at the Jus In Bello convention where… well… this happened:

Then last night, David quietly dropped a link to the full single in his Twitter bio.

“Makin’ Bacon” can be downloaded as an MP3 for the low price of $0.99 here. The CDBaby Album Notes explain how the song came together in more detail. “The hook of “Makin’ Bacon” started out as a humorous improvisational jingle at a Supernatural convention in Rome, Italy. It then morphed into an ear-worm cum internet meme cum challenge for David to record it. David met the challenge and then some. After crafting the music and lyrics based on this hook, he enlisted the help of his musician and producer friends in the industry. Growing, evolving and changing the song legitimately became a hooky and catchy Rock/Country single.”

We completely agree! And what’s even better than the totally reasonable purchase price is that by buying the song, you’ll also be helping a good cause. David is intending to keep his excellent relationship with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America going by donating some of the profits to them.

If the picture on the album cover looks familiar to you, it’s because it was created using a stunning photo taken by Monica D Photography, who is an incredibly talented photographer well known within the Supernatural family. You can check out the original image used on the “Makin’ Bacon” cover art (as well as other photos taken by Monica) on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

We were pleasantly surprised with not only the quality of David’s voice and the recording of “Makin’ Bacon”, but also with the depth of the lyrics he was able to write considering how the original hook was born. The song is upbeat and catchy, and we’re definitely going to have it stuck in our heads for the foreseeable future!

Don’t take our word for it though! Go check out “Makin Bacon”, support a good cause, and let us know what you think!

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