Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Launches Today


We are pleased to inform you that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has launched! Harry Potter fans all over the globe can now step into the Wizarding World with the new interactive mobile game.

A truly unique gaming experience, Hogwarts Mystery players can create a story outside of Harry Potter’s seven year battle with Voldemort. Players will design their characters, select their Hogwarts house, and live their own Hogwarts story through all seven years. Learn to cast spells, brew potions, play Quidditch, and make friends (or enemies) as you play your way through the game.

Some familiar faces such as Nymphadora Tonks, Professor Snape, and Professor Dumbledore have already been revealed, however there are even more waiting to welcome players to Hogwarts halls. The anticipation is over, come join fellow fans as we venture into the world of Hogwarts before Harry!

Players can download the app through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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