Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A Fan Favorite’s Surprise Return to ‘Supernatural’

While it was rumored we would be seeing yet another Apocalypse Universe version of a beloved long lost character in this week’s episode of Supernatural, I don’t think anyone was expecting it would be one that many fans had been hoping to see for years. Fan favorite Charlie Bradbury, played by none other than Felicia Day, returned to last night’s Supernatural.

In Season 10 when Charlie was brutally murdered and, rather than giving her any kind of meaningful death scene, was dumped in a bathtub, much of the fandom was furious with the show. Unlike Becky, who was often meant to be the cheesy representation of the fandom in the Supernatural universe but often came across as insulting, Charlie was the nerdy, geeky, LGBTQ representation that many of us craved. When she was killed off, it felt about just as much of a stab to the stomach for us as it did to her. While many of us always wanted her back, we were wary as to if, when, and how it would happen.

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Check out our full recap of the episode later to see just how badass she was in this episode, but for now just know this – somewhere in Apocalypse World, Charlie Bradbury is kicking ass and taking names. And something tells me this will not be the last time we see her.

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