13 Times ‘Supernatural’ Made Us LOL in Season 13


Supernatural is a show most often described as science fiction or even horror, but those of us who are more familiar with the show know that of the many things Supernatural does really well – humor happens to be a big one! No matter how heavy the episode, who just died, or how the world’s about to end this time, there’s always something to make the viewers crack a smile.

Season thirteen is no exception. Though there are have been many, let’s take a look back at thirteen times season thirteen made us laugh out loud.

Episode 1: “Lost and Found”

While dealing with the loss of Mary, Castiel, and Crowley, the Winchesters fail to realize the new-to-the-world Jack Kline has taken off on them. The nephilim shows us just how much he takes after his chosen father, Castiel, in this scene:


Episode 2: “The Rising Son”

After the Winchesters have Jack back with them, they realize they need to keep him in their sight. Unfortunately for Dean (and hilariously for us), Jack seems to have the same idea, and keeps an eye on Dean that’s a little too close for comfort.


Episode 6: “Tombstone”

There were many funny scenes in this episode, which is the first one where we have Team Free Will 2.0 together in the same place at the same time. Dean’s enthusiasm for working a case in a western town was amusing all on its own, and then they upped the ante when we got treated to this hilarious scene:


Episode 7: “War Of The Worlds”

Castiel is asked to meet up with some angels at the entrance to Heaven, and while he’s there, he’s surprised to run into a powered down Lucifer who has escaped from the alternate universe. There’s a ton of bickering between them, and the combination of Castiel’s sass and Lucifer’s evil disposition provided a lot of laugh out loud dialogue between them.


Episode 8: “The Scorpion and the Frog”

This is another episode that had a lot of funny points in it, but the one part that made a really big impression was when Dean had to put his hand inside a statue’s mouth to open a vault. Nobody was prepared to see big, brave Dean Winchester afraid of spiders!

And the laughs kept coming when he seemed to react a little too strongly when he got his hand caught inside of it for a quick second.


Episode 9: “The Bad Place”

With Jack off on his own chasing down Kaia to try to find a way into the apocalypse world to save Mary Winchester, we see that he’s beginning to learn the ways of the world when he deadpanned this answer after he finds Kaia in a rehab facility:


Episode 10: “Wayward Sisters”

After an altercation with the angels, Sam and Dean make a quick escape only to end up in an alternate reality where they’re being chased by a huge monster. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot they like about where they are – including the food – but when you’re Dean Winchester, you eat what you can find. In this case, it happened to be lizards.

But no matter how bad it is, Dean just can’t leave food behind, and he had everybody cracking up laughing when he went back to grab his meal and took it to go.

While Sam and Dean were lost in another dimension, Jody, Claire, Kaia, Alex and Patience were busy trying to save their butts. Patience was a little overwhelmed with just how well Donna Hanscum came prepared when Jody called her in to lend a hand, and when she asked about it, Donna had the perfect response.


Episode 12: “Various & Sundry Villains”

After Dean gets ambushed and put under a love spell by a pair of witches, he returns to the bunker and doesn’t understand why Sam isn’t quite as excited about all of this as he is.

Later on that day, after reluctantly teaming up with Rowena (which also had its hilarious moments), she surprises nobody when she turns on them and uses a hex bag to trap them in place. As if watching Sam and Dean trying to move their bodies without moving their feet wasn’t funny enough, the tone of voice Dean used when talking to Sam here had viewers everywhere in stitches!

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Castiel were back with the angel version of siblings being stuck in place. Again, sassy Castiel and petulant Lucifer were just as entertaining to watch as they were the last time they shared the screen, and everybody liked to see Lucifer struggling with a witty comeback.


Episode 14: “Good Intentions”

The differences between Sam and Dean’s eating habits have been a source of entertainment for years, but there’s something about Dean and bacon – and this scene in particular – that struck a really funny chord. (Maybe because it was so relatable!)


Of course, there are still a bunch of times Supernatural made us laugh that we didn’t list here, because we couldn’t possibly include them all. All of the recurring characters in Supernatural have their funny moments, and we love each and every one of them!

Supernatural returns with the Scooby-Doo crossover episode Scoobynatural Thursday, March 29th, so make sure to tune in for what’s bound to be another episode full of laughter!

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