Monday, March 27, 2023

ICYMI: Best Posts from ‘Supernatural’ This Week

THE CWSUPERNATURALICYMI: Best Posts from 'Supernatural' This Week

Supernatural has a huge social media following, and thankfully, the cast and crew feeds us well with a ton of online content. With so much going on, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of our favorite posts from March 12th to March 18th. Here’s some of our favorite posts:

Misha Collins used his social media to talk a lot about politics this week, but he also posted his support for the movie Love, Simon:

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Danneel Ackles shared a post talking about the surprise 40th birthday party she threw for Jensen:

She also spoiled us with a picture of her new red ‘do:

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Stands rebooted a couple of campaigns on zip-up hoodies this week, and some of our faves shared photos of them.

Kim Rhodes proves she’s gorgeous in any weather with this post:


Briana Buckmaster is her silly self in this one:


Rob Benedict killed us all with this picture of him and his dog:


And Ruth Connell slayed with her hoodie:


Sam Smith was the embodiment of all of us with her Tweet about Daylight Savings Time:


David Haydn-Jones made another “dad joke” when he shared this behind the scenes post from his new movie Love Under The Rainbow:

And he took it a step further a few days later when he posted this one:


Alexander Calvert used a GIF of himself to explain his Monday feelings:


Matt Cohen pitched an episode idea to get himself and Jeffery Dean Morgan back on Supernatural together (which we have to say we are totally on board with!):


Genevieve Padalecki proved she can look good in pretty much anything in this picture on Instagram:

Yesterday was Danneel’s birthday, so Gen also gave her a birthday shout-out with a couple of adorable pictures:


Katherine Ramdeen shared some love for the Gaming For Kindness event for Random Acts that she’ll be participating in along with plenty other Supernatural cast:


Jason Manns posted about the new single he’s working on with American Idol‘s Justin Guarini to raise money for Random Acts:


And lastly, the post that had the fandom talking the most this week, Jensen Ackles shared a picture of himself wearing some unique golfing gear:


It wasn’t a terribly busy week for the Supernatural cast, friends and family on social media, but we got a bunch of new pictures of our faves, and that’s never a bad thing! Check back next week to make sure you didn’t miss any posts from the upcoming week!

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