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ICYMI: Best Posts From The ‘Supernatural’ Cast Last Week

THE CWSUPERNATURALICYMI: Best Posts From The 'Supernatural' Cast Last Week

Supernatural has a huge social media following, and thankfully, the cast and crew feeds us well with a ton of online content. With so much going on, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of our favorite posts from the last week.

Misha Collins spends a lot of time on social media using his voice to talk about things that are important to him, including his children, politics, and his non-profit organization, Random Acts. He did a live stream on the Random Acts Facebook page on March 1st that is definitely worth watching. In it, Misha reads a poem by a fan, tries to make an origami crane, and announces the two winners of the Create 2 Educate item from this year’s GISHWHES. You can check it out here or on the Random Acts page!

March 1 was Jensen Ackles’ 40th birthday, so there were many, many posts from his friends celebrating his day. Some our favorites are below.

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From Jason Manns:


From Misha Collins:

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From Briana Buckmaster:


From Danneel Ackles:


From Kim Rhodes:


From Rob Benedict:


From Richard Speight Jr.:


From Supernatural creator, Eric Kripke:


And of course, from Jensen Ackles himself:


It was so great to see Jensen getting so much love from his friends on his birthday! In unrelated birthday posts:


Rob Benedict made the best dad joke of the week here:


Chris Schmelke, the photographer from Creation’s Supernatural conventions, tried to kill us all with this picture of Matt Cohen:


Alaina Huffman inspired a whole thread of replies you should definitely read with this Tweet:


David Haydn-Jones shared some behind the scenes pictures of him and Misha Collins:


Samantha Smith spread some love about her #Rise campaign:


There was some talk among the cast about the Oscars, including this Tweet from Rachel Miner:


We were definitely fed well this week with a bunch of great posts, and I wish I could have included them all! Did I catch your favorite post, or did I miss it? Check back next week to see me round up this week’s posts – there’s already been a bunch of good ones and it’s only Tuesday!

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