10 Non-Princess Disney Couples That Make You Believe in Love


Disney princesses get all the glory when it comes to love, though we rarely see actually get to see their Happily Ever After. That said, there are many couples from Disney and Pixar that show us a love that can stand the test of time. These couples have more going for their relationship than ‘true love’s kiss’ and a few days of a whirlwind romance and adventure. They were and are friends, have children, and face the challenges of daily life after their adventures.They are opposites who overcome differences without trying to change one another.

I could never rank these couples, because how can one couple’s love be greater than another’s? Instead, I present these beautiful lovebirds in no particular order.


Carl and Ellie

In just ten minutes, Disney and Pixar gave us both the most romantic and most heartbreaking love story. Few will ever hold a candle to this couple. They were understanding and loving and supported each other in their careers and interests. Even when things were difficult, they stood by each other’s side until the very end.

Lady and Tramp

Disney loves when Opposites attract but the story of Lady and the Tramp always seems to be romantic. Prim and proper Lady has to learn to survive on the streets with Tramp’s help. It’s a classic trope but moonlit Italian dinners will always seem romantic because of the canine couple.

Wall-E and Eve

Wall-E was a hopeless romantic even before he met Eve and for him, it was love at first sight and stays by her side, taking care of her when she cannot. Like most disney odd couples, they are a pair of opposites but grow closer through the course of the story. Perhaps their relationship is one sided for a while, Wall-E is obviously far more enamored with Eve than she is with him, but by the end, it is his heart that makes her question her programing.

Jessie and Buzz

Jessie and Buzz are the story of being good friends before developing into a romantic relationship. It’s not until the third movie when they acknowledge they have feelings for each other, though it does take Buzz being reprogrammed into ‘demo’ and spanish-speaking modes for them to see it. They are an adorable couple. Jessie is perfectly able to take care of herself, and Buzz likes that about her and lets her be her own person, despite wanting to protect her. It is Jessie who makes the final leap in instigating their relationship at a spirited paso dolbe dance number the end of Toy Story 3.

Bernard and Bianca

As members of the Rescue Aid Society, Bernard and Bianca’s main focus is saving children in need. It’s a noble cause that brings this janitor and high class lady together on these missions. Bernard is a gentleman and Bianca always compliments him on that, while she is certainly able to take care of herself as well. They are adorable and heartwarming.

Mr and Mrs Incredible

Bob and Helen Parr show us life after the romantic wedding of a superhero power couple. Happily Ever After doesn’t come easily. They argue and face all the challenges that come with having children and daily lives. But at the end of it all, they have each other and their families.

Pacha and Chicha

With two kids already and one on the way, Pacha and Chicha have a lot on their plate even before Kuzco shows up and turns their lives upside down. Chicha is quick to come to the defense of her husband and family, though Pacha knows just how to calm her down. You can tell that they know each other so well that they can get through anything.

Fix it Felix & Sergeant Calhoun

Few Disney couples are more mismatched and adorable in appearance than these two from Wreck-It Ralph. She is a military character, determined to do her heroic duty. While he is a simple and good-natured handyman. Together, she is able to overcome her tragic backstory and find love and comfort again. I, for one, am very excited to see how this couple is doing in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the Wreck-it Ralph sequel due out this summer.

Anita and Roger

They certainly aren’t the main characters and are often overshadowed by the love of their canine companions in 101 dalmatians, but Anita and Roger have a solid marriage. They support each other’s interests and endeavors, are an united front against Cruella and support each other when the puppies go missing.

Fergus and Elinor

The story of Merida’s parents is something I’d love to know more about. Fergus, the rough and rowdy King and Laird of Clan DunBroch, is quite the opposite of Queen Elinor. It is clear through the way he looks at her, he is utterly devoted to her, and with a simple word, she is able to calm his rowdy nature. He is mortified at the thought that something could have happened to her and is willing to do anything to save her or exact revenge. And when he sees that she is alright, his relief is emotional.

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