14 Movies and TV Episodes to Stream this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love with those whom you love. Regardless of your situation, sometimes they best the thing to chill at home, cuddle up on the couch and watch some of your favorite TV or movies. Here are some of the favorites we have:

Parks and Recreation – “Galentine’s Day”, Netflix

Leslie Knope introduces us to the now infamous “Galentine’s Day” which is a day for all the gal’s to ditch their significant others for a girls night out in this episode. Start Valentine’s Day off early with this episode with the girls!

The Office – “PDA”, Netflix

Michael and Holly’s relationship and subsequent public displays of affection start to make everyone in the office uncomfortable. As a response, Gabe decides there is a need for a lesson on appropriate PDAs at work. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam get drunk and start looking for a place to have sex. What more could you need?

Supernatural – “My Bloody Valentine”, Netflix

If you’re looking a little more suspense, check out this Valentine’s Day episode of Supernatural. We start off at Sam, Dean and Castiel hunting down a Cupid when they learn of two love-birds eating each other. Yum.

Friends –  “The One with the Birthing Video”, Netflix

It’s the classic case of accidentally stumbling upon the video of a woman giving birth. In this hilarious episode, Chandler mistakenly watches a birthing video thinking it was porn that Monica got him for Valentine’s Day. The video is then played over for Monica and a pregnant Rachel who also find the video horrifying.

New Girl – “The Crawl”, Netflix

When a new bar opens, Nick sets off an epic Valentine’s Day bar crawl. What’s better than watching some of our favorites enjoy a night of adventures and alcohol?

The Vampire Diaries – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, Netflix

Caroline convinces some of the gang to attend the “Bitter Ball”, a dance designed by the broken hearted on Valentine’s Day. Even if your heart is fully in one piece, this episode is full of surprising discoveries, romantic advances and unexpected twists.

Grey’s Anatomy – “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, Netflix

Interrupted during a date, Derek, Meredith, Cristina and Hunt find themselves attending to dozens of patients when a roof collapses on them at a romantic restaurant. Derek and Meredith’s relationship is put to the test, doctors experience a personal loss and new relationships are formed in this drama filled episode.


Love Actually, Amazon

Even though this film is Christmas themed, it still can be considered a Valentine’s Day classic. Love Actually shares the love stories of multiple couples who are all intertwined in some way. Filled with comedy and heartbreak, Love Actually has the ability to showcase all different kinds of relationships with something that everyone can relate to.

Definitely, Maybe – Netflix

This story starts off when a curious young girl Maya (Abigal Breslin) questions her father, Will (Ryan Reynolds), about his past relationships in the midst of a divorce between her parents. Similar to How I Met Your Mother, we then go into Will’s past and learn of his past relationships and who he really is in love with.

How to Be Single, HBO Go

If you’re looking for a laugh, you might enjoy this comedy starring Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson. On a break from her boyfriend Alice (Johnson) takes a job in New York City where she meets a wild co-worker Robin (Wilson) who shows her how to live up the single life in the Big Apple.

The Big Sick, Amazon

In a bit a twist, The Big Sick is a romantic comedy from primarily the man’s perspective. It’s a story of forbidden love between a Pakistani man, Kumail, who falls for an American student, Emily, but is concerned how his Muslim parents will react to their relationship. However, when Emily falls into a coma Kumail develops a deep bond with her parents.

Safe Haven, Netflix

You can’t have Valentine’s Day without the mention of at least one movie adaption of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Safe Haven is a story about Katie who is running from her past and seeks a new start in a small town where she meets Alex and his two children. Not only is this story a romance, but it’s also a thriller as details of Katie’s traumatic past eventually come to the surface.

Begin Again, Netflix

Begin Again shares the story of a struggling singer and songwriter Gretta (Keira Knightly) who meets a former successful record label executive Dan (Mark Ruffalo). The two are both troubled with their own relationship problems but when Dan offers to sign Gretta to his music label, they two set off in New York City to create their own album and story together.

Beauty and the Beast, Netflix

Sing-a-long in this live action re-make of the beloved Disney movie and musical starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Beauty and the Beast takes us on a journey of a beautiful bookworm, Belle, who finds herself trapped in an enchanted castle by a prince who has been cursed into becoming a Beast. In this story, we learn that beauty really is found within – a perfect reminder for anyone this Valentine’s Day.

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