Castiel’s 5 Biggest Moments in Season 13 of ‘Supernatural’


So far in Season 13 of Supernatural, Castiel (Misha Collins) hasn’t had a ton of screen time. He’s appeared in six episodes so far, but he was dead in the first episode and only appeared in the last ten seconds of another. So really, we’ve only had four episodes of Castiel out of twelve episodes so far.

What’s interesting though is that even though he has not had a lot of time on screen, he’s had a handful of highly significant moments already.

1. “The Big Empty” – Episode Four

In The Big Empty we saw Castiel in The Empty after he was awoken by Jack. The Entity of The Empty takes Castiel’s form and we learn that he’s the only angel in eternity who has ever awoken in The Empty.

The Entity tries to convince Castiel to go back to sleep, that there’s no reason he should want to go back to Earth. He goes so far as to show Castiel snippets of some of his biggest past mistakes – Metaron stealing his grace, Castiel allowing the Leviathans to take over his body, Castiel trying to return the souls he stole from Purgatory, Castiel laying on the floor appearing dead after attempting to return them – and tells Castiel that there’s nothing waiting for him back home.

He argues with The Entity, saying, “You can prance, you can preen, and you can scream and yell and remind me of my failings, but somehow, I’m awake. And I will stay awake and I will keep you awake until we both go insane. I will fight you. Fight you and fight you… forever. For eternity.”

Why is this significant?

In the past, Castiel has alluded to the fact that he has made mistake after mistake. In season twelve he tells Dean, “I just keep failing. Again and again. I just wanted – I needed to come back here with a win for you. For myself.” He’s always been extremely easy to manipulate because of his desperation to help the people he loves the most.

But this time, when The Entity tries to use Castiel’s past mistakes against him and he fights back, it struck many fans as a huge step for him. For Castiel to fight against his inner demons, admit he’s done wrong, and still know he has the Winchesters waiting for him with open arms seemed like a real moment of growth for him.


2. “Tombstone” – Episode Six

While Castiel was in The Empty, we saw Jack talk about him and even refer to him as his father.  “I have to find my father. He’ll protect me,” Jack tells Sam.  Sam responds, “Jack, you gotta listen to me. That’s not really what Lucifer does. “Lucifer? No. That’s not his name. My father is Castiel. My mother, she said Castiel… he would keep me safe.”

The last time Castiel was around Jack, Kelly was in labor. Castiel had promised to take care of Jack, to raise him, guide him, and keep him safe to the best of his ability. In Tombstone, Castiel and Jack are reunited.


Why is this significant?

Castiel promised Kelly he would take care of Jack. As far as he’s concerned, Jack is his responsibility. He wants to help him stay good instead of evil, learn how to develop and harness his powers, and how to keep him safe from the others who are looking for him. It’s clear during this reunion that the two of them care deeply for each other, and it’s the first time we get to see Castiel take on the role of a father towards an adult Jack.


3. “War of the Worlds” – Episode Seven

In War of the Worlds we see Castiel meet up with another angel, Dumah, in order to attempt to locate Jack after he disappeared. Dumah explains the angels don’t have him, because if they did, he would be put to work – whether he wanted to be or not. Once Castiel realizes the angels do not have good things in store for Jack, he refuses to work with them. Lucifer shows up, having just escaped the Apocalypse World, saves Castiel from the angels, and tells him that everybody is going to die when Michael arrives.

We see Castiel and Lucifer inside Nick’s Bar where Lucifer tries to convince Castiel to work with him, to find Jack, and take on Michael all together.

Castiel says, “Hypothetically, let’s say you’re lying. I help you find your son, and then you kill me again.”

Lucifer responds, “Cut me a little bit of slack, please? God isn’t here! It’s just us. We’re all we got, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Castiel hesitates before he agrees, saying, “I have to talk to Sam and Dean.”


Why is this significant?

Castiel is known for making rash decisions that have a habit of not turning out well for anybody. Every decision he makes is because he’s trying to do the right thing – trying to save either Sam, Dean, or the world. But it almost never turns out that way. So this time, the fact that he’s willing to just wait a minute and talk to Sam and Dean before he makes his decision is huge! Again, we’re seeing major character development here and it isn’t lost on any of us!


4. “Various & Sundry Villains” – Episode Twelve, Part One

Unfortunately, despite his best intentions, Castiel and Lucifer end up captured and held prisoner by Asmodeus. In Various & Sundry Villains, we see the aftermath of Castiel and Lucifer locked up, and how Castiel irritates and insults Lucifer until his grace powers up in a fit of rage, and Lucifer is finally able to break through the wards keeping himself and Castiel inside the cell. Once they both escape, Castiel uses his grace to smite the demon who was keeping guard.

Why is this significant?

That extent of Castiel’s powers hasn’t been entirely clear for a while now, and definitely not since he’s returned from The Empty. He wasn’t able to heal the security guard Jack accidentally killed, but there was some speculation that was because the guard was already dead. He obviously doesn’t have his wings back, or he would have been able to fly to Sam and Dean in the bunker instead of having to call them when he returned from The Empty.

Seeing Castiel use his grace to smite a demon is the first time we’ve seen him do this since he returned from The Empty (and actually, in several seasons, too).


5. “Various & Sundry Villains” – Episode Twelve, Part Two

Also in Various & Sundry Villains, after Castiel and Lucifer escape where they were being held prisoner and end up outside the building. Lucifer has obviously overexerted himself fighting off the demons inside, and Castiel warns him more demons will be coming. Lucifer says it would be so much easier if Castiel would just give him a little bit of his grace.

Lucifer tries to convince him by saying, “Come on Castiel, we just fought side by side. You’ve gotta trust me now!”

Castiel responds, “I trusted you when we fought the Darkness and then you betrayed us. And I trusted you -“

Lucifer swipes at him, trying to get some of his grace, and Castiel says. “Fool me once…” before he stabs Lucifer in the stomach with an angel blade, telling him, “This is me learning from my mistakes.”

Why is this significant?

Not only is this further proof that Castiel seems to finally have a handle on saying no to the easiest solution that is also most likely to backfire on him and the Winchesters, we actually go to see Castiel stab Lucifer! I’m sure nobody forgets that moment in the season twelve finale where Castiel gets an angel blade through the back from Lucifer, and man, oh man, was it cathartic to see Castiel stab him back!


It may be wishful thinking on my part, but it seems to me that all of Castiel’s big moments so far this season indicate Castiel is more self-aware, stronger, and more powerful than he was before he was in The Empty, and I for one, am more than ready to see the rest of the season play out with Castiel like this!

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