Creation Stands is Bringing Back the Original “Wayward Daughters” Campaign!

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Yesterday fans were treated to a surprise when Creation Stands announced on Twitter that they will be bringing back the original “Wayward Daughters” campaign! Isn’t that pretty Wayward AF itself?

The campaign was created by Wayward Daughters and Supernatural actresses Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster with the intention of showing the world that we are all “Wayward AF.” Along with its incredible message, a portion of proceeds from the campaign were given to the Random Acts’ Dreams 2 Acts Nicaragua project.

Back during its first launch, this is what was written on Creation Stands about the campaign:

“Wayward Daughters” started as an idea for a “Supernatural” spin-off, focusing on the perspective of female characters. It grew into something much larger. It showed us that when we linked hands and formed a community, we were no longer lost no matter where we were. It celebrated individual voices with a chorus we could all sing together. The term “wayward” took on a meaning of support and defiance. We proclaimed loudly that we were exactly where we were meant to be, we would survive with the help of each other, and we COULD, in fact, change the world.”

We are totally looking forward to the second launch of the of the original Wayward Daughters, such a powerful campaign! In fact, the campaign was such a success during its initial launch that Creation Stands teamed up with Wayward Daughters, Briana and Kim to create theWayward AF campaign!

The “Wayward Daughters” original campaign shirts will begin selling again on August 8 and will last until August 22.

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