GISHWHES Will Begin in Less Than 14 Hours!

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The panic is already setting in for Gishers as the GISHWHES timer counts down for the Hunt to begin!

For those who don’t know, GISHWHES is a week-long scavenger hunt hosted by Supernatural‘s Misha Collins. The goal of GISHWHES is to get participants to break away from normalcy and get out of their comfort zones by giving them outrageous, silly, and fun tasks, while also sometimes doing good deeds. The Hunt will begin tomorrow on June 30 and will last until August 6.

While there is no true way of preparing for such a thing, participants have been advised to get to know their teammates, learn the GISHWHES Commandments and to regularly check the GISHWHES website for updates.

What are you guys doing to prepare for the Hunt?

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