Gishwhes 2016 Registration Closes in Less Than 24 Hours & Why You Need to Join NOW!

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Do you know that feeling when you are playing a game with a timed task and it suddenly gets to the final minute and you scramble to complete it before the timer goes off? Well, if you were planning on “joining the hunt” with Gishwhes and have yet to register, you are probably experiencing that feeling because there is only a little over 18 hours left to register.

Gishwhes – also known as the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen – is a fun and wacky scavenger hunt hosted by Supernatural’Misha Collins and it certainly lives up to its name. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone while doing a bit of good in the world through tasks that range from outrageously ludicrous to overwhelmingly heartwarming. In fact, Gishwhes has managed to break 7 Guinness World Records, is the largest contributor to the non-profit charity Random Acts, and they even have a rock named after them on Mars!

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should register for Gishwhes:

  • Bragging Rights – How many people can say that they were part of the “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen?” Well, a lot. But that does not matter because you were still part of something amazing.
  • New Friendships – When you join Gishwhes, you will be placed in a team of up to 15 other participants from all over the world. Gishwhes has created many long-lasting friendships since its first run.
  •  The Experience – There is no doubt that once you join Gishwhes your week (July 30th to August 6th) will be pretty eventful. You will get to complete tasks that you probably never would have thought of doing. The experience is something you can cherish always.
  • Do Good – You might find yourself helping those in need, whether it is a veteran or children in a hospital, and feel good about making a difference.
  • Trip to Iceland – The winning team will get to go on a trip to Iceland with Misha Collins! How’s that for a prize?

You can register here now before the timer runs out.

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