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Katherine joined the Nerds and Beyond team as a writer in 2020. Her superpowers include balancing being a full time student, part time tutor, and preparing to become a future teacher. Her lifelong obsessions include World War ll, hard rock, creative writing, solving complex math problems, and kittens. But her biggest loves are Linkin Park, Evanescence, Sleeping At Last, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Stargate, and more. When she isn’t binge watching/listening to her favorites (for the nth time), she can be found traveling the country—mostly to different concerts and conventions.

Mike Shinoda Produces Eighth Track “Darkest Days” by Becko Live on Twitch!

Kicking off this week’s production sessions, Mike Shinoda produced a track by an artist named Becko titled “Darkest Days”. This marks the start of the...

Mike Shinoda Produces Seventh Track “Not Your Game” by Megan Lenius Live on Twitch!

Ending the week strong, Mike Shinoda produced a third track live on Twitch, a song titled “Not Your Game” by artist Megan Lenius. It...

Mike Shinoda Produces Sixth Track “I Can’t Feel a Thing” by Judison Live on Twitch!

Following Monday and Tuesday’s production sessions, featuring Ben Kessler’s track “Known Like This," Mike Shinoda quickly moved onto the second song he had lined...

Mike Shinoda Produces Fifth Track “Known Like This” by Ben Kessler Live on Twitch!

At the end of last Friday’s livestream, Mike Shinoda made the decision to be a little more ambitious with this week’s production sessions. Instead...

Mike Shinoda Produces Fourth Track “The Way Down” by Wax//Wane Live on Twitch!

For the fourth production session, Mike Shinoda has selected artist Wax//Wane’s original song “The Way Down.” This track was one Shinoda was very excited...

Mike Shinoda Produces Third Track “Voltage” by Cam Archer Live on Twitch!

Starting off the second week of production sessions, Mike Shinoda and his Twitch A&R team, nicknamed the #AnRMY, have chosen the third track to...

Mike Shinoda Produces Second Track “Bones” by Alex McMillan Live on Twitch!

After announcing his intention to start using his Twitch channel to produce musicians’ original songs live for fans to see, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park/Fort...

Mike Shinoda Produces First Fan Track “Bittersweet” by Chris Kelly Live on Twitch!

At the beginning of the new year, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park/Fort Minor) announced he wanted to do something new on his Twitch channel. After...

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