Live-Action Trailer ‘Tokyo Ghoul – Jason VS Kaneki’ With Osric Chau Released

(Courtesy of Re:Anime)

The YouTube channel “RE: Anime” released its fan-made live-action trailer for Tokyo Ghoul – Jason VS Kaneki.

It is set two years after the Commission of Counter Ghoul attacked the café Anteiku.  In the trailer, Kaneki (Osric Chau) is tied to a chair being tortured both physically and mentally.  How will he get out of this?

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy by Sui Ishida and takes place in a reality where ghouls who look like people survive by hiding their identities so the government-sponsored groups don’t find them.  The story follows Ken Kaneki, a college student, who after almost dying from an attack discovers that he is now a half-ghoul half-human.

“RE: Anime” also has a Patreon page with various tier levels and perks.

“Our goal is to use our love, expertise and deep knowledge of anime to create live-action content that stays true to the original creators’ visions, stories, characters, and themes. Re:Anime will be to anime what Marvel is to the superhero genre.”

Watch the trailer below!


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