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On the hunt for your next anime series binge? Nerds & Beyond’s Otaku Stroll has got you covered! Join us as we dive into our favorite current simulcasts from the Winter 2024 lineup, as well as some ongoing series from Fall 2023.

Watch us discuss our recommendations in the video below, and if you’re watching something that we didn’t cover, let us know!

Lindsey’s Recs



Quick Plot Breakdown: A high schooler returns to his hometown and finds himself entangled in the drama between its local delinquent gangs … while also dealing with the appearance of his new genie pal, Senya.

You had me at MAPPA and Hiroko Utsumi (SK8 the Infinity, Free!, Banana Fish). Coming off of the latest season of Tokyo Revengers and now waiting for the upcoming premiere of Wind Breaker, I couldn’t say no to another delinquent series — especially with its downright chaotic vibes and killer character designs. (Admittedly, I have no idea where exactly this story is going, especially because it’s an original anime series. But I’m here for whatever is about to go down in the rest of this season.)

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Mr. Villain’s Day Off

Shin-Ei Animation/SynergySP

Quick Plot Breakdown: What exactly does the feared leader of a villainous organization do on his days off? Mull over what type of snacks to buy at his local convenience store and fawn over the pandas at the zoo, of course.

Hands down, this has quickly become one of my favorite cozy slice of life shows. It’s incredibly endearing, and it’s the perfect relaxing, low-stakes Sunday watch from the comfort of your couch. I didn’t come into the Winter 2024 anime season expecting to be so attached to a tall, grumpy man who loses his mind whenever he sees a panda, but here we are.

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The Demon Prince of Momochi House


Quick Plot Breakdown: Inheriting a beautiful mansion on your sixteenth birthday? Fantastic. Finding out said house is actually set on the border between the human and spirit worlds and is already packed with a menagerie of inhabitants? Hold on now.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House is the perfect dreamy fantasy shoujo for those looking for something that offers both romance and adventure (with a lovely lead, pretty boys, fascinating creatures, and plenty of laughs along the way). Do yourself a favor and read the manga as well, because author Aya Shouoto’s artwork is a 10/10.

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Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Season 2)

Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA

Quick Plot Breakdown: In a world where those without magic are in the detested minority, Mash Burnedead is here to prove that anything a wand can do, he can do better — with his muscles.

Look, I’m literally begging you to watch Mashle. If I exist for any reason, it’s to spread the Mashle agenda. Set in a world that’s a parody of another certain magical franchise full of witches and wizards, this show is the exact kind of hilarious and wholesome adventure that we all need after things like that traumatizing second season of Jujutsu Kaisen and the epic, emotional ending of Attack on Titan. Mashle knows how to tread the line between an exciting adventure without taking itself too seriously, and that’s where the real magic lies in this series.

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Solo Leveling

A-1 Pictures

Quick Plot Breakdown: Set in a world where humans with supernatural abilities fight to protect the world from deadly monsters, Sung Jinwoo is the weakest hunter. That is … until he finds himself in a deadly double dungeon that changes his life.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard all of the buzz leading up to and now following the release of the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling — and rightfully so. The series continues to get better and better with each episode as Jinwoo’s evolution opens up an entirely new world for him. (And while Kaity and I both dabble in dubs and subs equally across shows … Aleks Le as Jinwoo is just next level).

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Kaity’s Recs

The Apothecary Diaries

TOHO Animation

Quick Plot Breakdown: Trained from an early age by her apothecary father, Mao Mao is sold as a servant to the emperor’s palace. Mao Mao now puts her knowledge at the service of the people of the palace, not only to treat them but also to foil mysteries and conspiracies.

Just like that viral TikTok audio from however long ago said … “This right here is my favorite thing. Ever.” The title alone intrigued me way back in the summer and after one episode I was sold. Now, 20 episodes, 70 manga chapters, and three into the 11+ volumes of the light novel later, it’s still got me rabidly seeking more. Maomao is an exceptional lead, and the show boasts a perfect blend of science, mystery, angst, and drama to create a perfect symphony.

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A Sign of Affection

Ajia-do Animation Works

Quick Plot Breakdown: Yuki Itose is a college student who’s into friends and fashion. She’s also deaf. A chance meeting on a train leads to a serious crush… But can it grow into something more?

The greenest of green flag men has arrived in the form of Itsuomi Nagi. I don’t think it’s a reach to say this is the winter season’s “it” couple. Yuki is about as endearing as a shoujo lead can get and Itsuomi cherishes her just as much as she deserves. It’s got enough drama to keep me interested, but not enough to make me stress. The perfect feel-good story. The artwork is stunning with watercolor elements mixed in and as an extra added bonus, the characters are adults.

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Shangri-La Frontier


Quick Plot Breakdown: Rakuro Hizutome only cares about one thing: beating crappy VR games. He devotes his entire life to these buggy games and could clear them all in his sleep. One day, he decides to challenge himself and play a popular god-tier game called Shangri-La Frontier. But he quickly learns just how difficult it is. Will his expert skills be enough to uncover its hidden secrets?

This was a surprise hit for me. I started it intrigued by the character design (I mean…he’s got a giant blue bird head …) and stayed because it’s hilarious. This is a VR game anime done right. I immediately fell off of Sword Art Online (I’m sorry) but this one had me hook, line, and sinker. Hizotume a.k.a Sanraku is a goofy yet charming idiot and the added bonus of some of his real life unknowingly trickling into this virtual world has had me squealing with delight more than once.

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Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard!?


Quick Plot Breakdown: Adachi’s 30th birthday as a virgin came with the oddest gift — the ability to read the mind of anyone he touches. Pondering what to do with this mysterious power, he gets a lead when he accidentally reads his colleague Kurosawa’s mind. Turns out the handsome hotshot of the sales team has got a thing for him!

Just another cute, quirky BL that I’m obsessed with. This was the first anime I’d read before watching and seeing Adachi and Kurosawa’s love story come to life has been wonderful. Both characters are effortlessly lovable and watching them both flourish thanks to their blossoming love is just heartwarming. And again, bonus, they’re adults.

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

TOHO Animation

Quick Plot Breakdown: After the party of heroes defeated the Demon King, they restored peace to the land and returned to lives of solitude. Generations pass, and the elven mage Frieren comes face to face with humanity’s mortality. She takes on a new apprentice and promises to fulfill old friends’ dying wishes.

I’m sure you’ve seen some hype for Frieren and I’m here to say it’s deserved. The animation is outstanding, and the nuanced details of this story, the emotion, the absolute baddassery of Frieren and Fern … exceptional. If you like fantasy, don’t skip this one.

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