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Disney Delays All 2022, 2023 Marvel Films

Looks like we haven't seen the end of pandemic delays just yet.

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A Very Necessary Ranking of Thor Odinson’s Luxurious Hair

Thor Odinson played by Chris Hemsworth is endearing for many reasons: his

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Christian Bale’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Character Officially Revealed

Christian Bale, best known for playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark

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Win the Opportunity to Meet Chris Hemsworth and Attend the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Premiere!

Celebrities all over are banding together with charities to raise money during

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Tessa Thompson Confirms Christian Bale Added to ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Cast

Nearly six years after hanging up the cape and cowl, Christian Bale

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‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ to Begin Filming in August

2020 is set to be a busy year for the production of

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