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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ Drops Second Trailer and Premiere Date

After Rob Zombie's announcement earlier this week that his upcoming take on

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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ Will Hit Netflix this September

Horror king Rob Zombie's version of The Munsters is officially headed to

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Get Spooky With Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ First Trailer

Horror favorite Rob Zombie is back and this time he’s taking on

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‘The Munsters’ Return in First Clip From Rob Zombie Movie

Horror favorite Rob Zombie is back, but this time he's aiming to

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AMC’s ‘History of Horror’ Renewed for Third Season

If you were a fan of season one and two of Eli

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Anthrax Announces ‘Among The Living’ Graphic Novel Featuring Corey Taylor, Rob Zombie, Gerard and Mikey Way, and More!

In 1987, the legendary band Anthrax released their third studio album, Among

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‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror Uncut’ Podcast Back With Season 2, New Episodes With Megan Fox and Bill Hader Out Now

Shudder has announced that after a successful first season of Eli Roth's

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‘3 From Hell’ Full Trailer Released

The full 3 From Hell trailer is finally here! Last month Rob Zombie released

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‘3 From Hell’ Trailer is Here!

It’s finally here! After much anticipation, Rob Zombie released the trailer for

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Rob Zombie Teases ‘Three From Hell’ Trailer Release Date

Rob Zombie made his horror project debut in 2003 with the cult

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