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Hanson Releases New Single “Write You A Song”

After 30 years as a band Hanson can still bring fresh new

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Billie Eilish Announces Sophomore Album ‘Happier Than Ever’ & New Merchandise

Billie Eilish has announced her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, is on

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Scotty Sire’s Second Album Released

Scotty Sire, musician and YouTuber, recently released his second album, What's Going

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Abe Drennan’s ‘The Iglu Sessions’ Out Today

  Abe Drennan's new album The Iglu Sessions is out today! The

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Hayden Lee Launches Kickstarter for New Album

Hayden Lee has announced the Kickstarter Campaign to help fund his fourth

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Hozier Announces New Album and Releases Single

This morning, Hozier Tweeted out an announcement that his new album, Wasteland

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Jason Manns and Richard Speight, Jr. Launch Kickstarter for Rich’s Debut Album!

Fans have been teased for a while about an album in the

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TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW: Briana Buckmaster Shines in Debut Album

Briana Buckmaster’s highly anticipated debut album “Begin” was released today, Friday, July

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