Sunday, October 2, 2022

Abe Drennan’s ‘The Iglu Sessions’ Out Today

MUSICABE DRENNANAbe Drennan's 'The Iglu Sessions' Out Today


Image courtesy of Abe Drennan. Graphic Designer: Erika. Photographer: Tony Devlin.

Abe Drennan’s new album The Iglu Sessions is out today! The album is composed of eleven tracks, is produced by Jason Manns and mixed and mastered by Zackary Darling. The album is available on Drennan’s website both in a digital and a hard copy version. Stickers, buttons and shirts are also available.

The track list includes:

  • “Beat of the Land”
  • “Land and Sky”
  • “Time to Live”
  • “Beautiful Way”
  • “Imperfect Explorer”
  • “Spirits Soared”
  • “Algonquin Sun”
  • “Way Up North”
  • “Just Breathe”
  • “Moments in Time”
  • “There for You”
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The Iglu Sessions features the single “Spirits Soared,” which was released a few weeks ago in memory of Daniel, Harrison, and Milagros Neville-Lake and their grandfather, Gary Neville. 100% of the proceeds of that single will go to Canadian non-profit Many Hands, Doing Good. You can read more about that here.

You can purchase The Iglu Sessions on Drennan’s website and on iTunes. It is also available on Spotify.



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