Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Abe Drennan and Jason Manns Release ‘Spirits Soared’ for ‘Many Hands, Doing Good’

CHARITIESAbe Drennan and Jason Manns Release 'Spirits Soared' for 'Many Hands, Doing...
Courtesy of Many Hands, Doing Good.

Abe Drennan released a new song called ‘Spirits Soared’ with Jason Manns as producer for the Canadian non-profit organization Many Hands, Doing Good.

The charity was created following a car crash on September 27, 2015, which claimed the lives of Daniel, 9, Harrison, 5, Milagros, 2 and their grandfather, Gary Neville:

“Many Hands, Doing Good was born from the community response to an unspeakable tragedy.  The strength and support that the community came forward with, ignited the desire to give back to that same community in a way that would reinforce the passions of Milagros, Harrison, Daniel and Gary. Milagros’ love for music. Harrison’s ingenuity and creativity for art. Daniel’s passion and perseverance for dance. Gary’s fascination with everything broadcasting. These are passions that help inspire people to create a positive presence in our community. We at Many Hands, Doing Good want to nurture and inspire future generations and build a legacy in honour of Milagros, Harrison, Daniel and Gary.”

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The non-profit organization’s mission is, “To nurture and inspire children and students who have suffered the effects of trauma through art, dance and music.”

Abe Drennan, a family friend, wrote the song as a tribute to the three children and their grandfather and to increase awareness about people drinking and driving. 100% of the proceeds will go the non-profit organization. You can read more on the process of producing the single on the Many Hands, Doing Good Facebook page.

The song is available here and also on Spotify and ITunes.

Abe Drennan’s new album The Iglu Sessions, also produced by Jason Manns, will be available on August 1. You can check Abe Drennan’s website here.

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