‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Paris sera toujours Paris”

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In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, the group arrives in Paris and reunite with old friends and are tracked by Codron and the rest of Genet’s men. Keep reading for what happens in “Paris sera toujours Paris.”

Off to Paris

After a bust visit to a theater where Daryl and Isabelle watch a bunch of walkers try to play instruments, Daryl, Isabelle, Sylvie, and Laurent finally make it to Paris and come across The Nest. Lead by Fallou, the community has been waiting to meet Laurent, the child born out of his mother’s zombified womb. Daryl is still on the lookout for a radio to try and make contact, so Fallou brings them to a night club inside the catacombs run by Quinn.

They need to barter but Daryl doesn’t have anything on him. Isabelle takes him back to her old apartment she lived in with Lily before everything happened, and she uncovers her hidden treasures including photos of Isabelle and Quinn, as well as a photo of Lily from B.N.T (before nun times). They take what they need and head out but find a bunch of walkers by the front door. They exit through the back instead where they find Aimee, the little girl who lived next door to Isabelle. Isabelle looks as if she’s seen a ghost and Daryl goes to kill her but she tells him not to, to spare her. As they are walking through the courtyard, Aimee knocks over potted plants, which signals movement to the walkers, so they start heading toward the direction of the noise, falling from at least three stories high. But they don’t get injured from the fall — no — they’re the burners. Daryl impales one of them to help burn through the vines trapping them inside and they narrowly escape.

Quinn Is WHO?

Quinn tries to catch up with Isabelle after all of their years apart. He inquires about Laurent, asking if he’s her son. She says he is Lily’s son and Quinn lets out a bewildered sound. The two of them get in a bit of a heated argument where he admits he’s the father of Laurent and that he had slept with Lily. Isabelle is clearly hurt by this admission but agrees to do what he’s asked of her to help Daryl get home. Daryl refuses, claiming he doesn’t need a boat that badly and drags her out of the room. Isabelle tells Daryl she doesn’t need a hero and she never has. She just wants to keep her end of the bargain.

A Soldier and His Men Walk into a Night Club …

Codron visits Genet’s headquarters to talk to her about Daryl. She is under the assumption Daryl had drowned before making it to land but Codron brings concrete proof that he did — the tape recorder. He plays it for her and says he will bring him back to her but Genet is unsure if she should trust him. Codron tells her when his parents died, he vowed to protect his brother and the American made him a liar. She agrees to let him take some of her men with him on the mission.

Codron has tracked the group to Paris and enters the night club. Quinn is upset to see them there as he and Genet had an agreement that his place was off limits. Codron tells him they’ll be quick; they’re on the lookout for an American. They fan out and eventually make it back to The Nest where they find Daryl and perform a wild goose chase across the tops of buildings. Daryl tells Isabelle to meet him back at her place and she runs off to find Laurent, who has gone missing. While Daryl is evading Codron, he falls through a roof into a building. We can only hope it’s an adequate hiding place that is NOT hoarded by walkers.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AMC and AMC+.

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