Horror Film ‘All Fun and Games’ Gets First Trailer

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Entertainment Weekly released today an exclusive trailer for the upcoming horror film All Fun and Games. The film follows a group of teens living in Salem, Massachusetts who find a cursed knife in the woods and unwittingly unleash a demon who uses simple children’s games like tag, hangman, and hide & seek to kill its victims. The teens soon learn the real history of the knife and turn the tables on the demon, banding together to force the demon into a terrifying death match game for their souls.

All Fun and Games is a Russo Brothers’ ABGO production that stars Asa Butterfield, Natalia Dyer, Annabeth Gish, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Keith David, Laurel Marsden, and Kolton Stewart. The film is directed by Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu, with Costa and Celeboglu also writing the screenplay with JJ Braider. The film is produced by Sebastien Raybaud, John Zois, and Kassee Whiting, with Anthony Russo and Joe Russo executive producing.

Make sure to check out the All Fun and Games trailer below to get a glimpse into this upcoming film, and be sure to watch the film when it is released in theaters on September 1.

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