Interview: Baron Corbin Calls Out Chef Reactions, Talks New Theme Song, and More

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Over the weekend, Nerds & Beyond was on-site for SummerSlam media coverage. At the press junket on Friday, Baron Corbin chatted with Nerds & Beyond Editor Haley. Corbin talked about his TikTok “beef” with Chef Reactions, how returning to NXT has helped him in his character development, and who he’s got his eye on as well as his new theme song.

When asked about his new theme which has made its rounds around the internet with people wondering if he’s a pirate or not, Corbin sets the record straight. “So, I was a part of making the theme. Neil and I worked together and he’s got an amazing team with him, and Hunter let us just kind of do us, and I said, ‘Hey man, this is where I’m at, these are the bands I’m listening to, this is kind of the thing.” Corbin said. “I helped with the lyrics a little bit because I really want to run with the motto, “burn the ships” because everybody thinks it’s a pirate thing, which they’re just … they’re stupid and lazy. Like if you look at it we told the story in the vignettes of burning my history, burning everything behind me. And it’s time for one last … obviously I’m at the tail end of my career, I got maybe five years left, in my brain. So I’m going to make one last run at it,” he continued.

“I want to get a world title in my future. I want the NXT title. I didn’t get that when I was in NXT the first time. So it was like, you know, the whole theory behind burn the ships was the captain. They arrived [on] an island, he told his men he was burning the ships. They were either going to die on the Island or leave on their opponent’s ships. So that’s my thing; I’ve burned it all. Now the theme is metal, there’s a line in it where it talks about it being my last run, that’s the thought behind it. I’ve just set my past on fire and it’s time to explore it and do me and live by the sword, die by the sword kind of thing.”

In June, Corbin returned to NXT, quickly entering a feud with Trick Williams that would eventually lead him to an NXT Championship match against Carmelo Hayes. Most recently, he wrestled at NXT’s Great American Bash against a debuting Gable Steveson.

Check out our full interview with Corbin below.

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