‘The Walking Dead’ Rick and Michonne Spin-Off Gets Official Title and First Teaser

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AMC’s next The Walking Dead spin-off based on Rick and Michonne has received its first teaser and its official title, revealed at San Diego Comic Con.

I’ve been out there alone,” Michonne narrates, her silhouette with her Katana flashing on screen. “I lost someone years ago. Then things changed and I found out that he’s alive.” Brief clips of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick flash on screen with an axe.

The title of the series is a callback to one of the shows most iconic lines said by Rick in season 5 that has been repeated by various characters throughout the show’s history, most recently in the series finale ending scene where a montage plays and all of their voices are dubbed over it repeating, “we are the ones who live.”

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, set to release in 2024, follows a lineup of smaller series that set up the future of The Walking Dead universe. The Walking Dead: Dead City, currently airing on AMC, follows Maggie and Negan as they traverse New York City in search of Hershel. There, they stumble across the seasons big bad, The Croat (who Negan has crossed paths with in his Savior days). Next up is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon premiering this September. It follows Daryl through Paris, tracking his journey across a broken but resilient France in hopes of finding a way back home. As he makes the journey, though, the connections he forms along the way complicate his ultimate plan.

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