‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “Who’s There?”

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In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City, Maggie and Negan encounter a group of native New Yorkers while Armstrong revisits a trauma. Meanwhile, Ginny attempts to adapt to change in her new environment at the new Hilltop. Keep reading for what happens in “Who’s There?”

A View of Hilltop

Ginny gets brought into the new Hilltop settlement and it looks a lot different than its predecessor. Ginny gets brought into the school with a bunch of other kids. She appears out of place as the other kids mock her in the background. Later that day she’s in her room and she places Negan’s shirt over her and lays her head in her lap. There’s also references to Ginny being from Oceanside, which had become a neglected plot in The Walking Dead. After Lance and the Commonwealth had taken the community over, there was no clear indication about what happened to any of the survivors or the community as a whole — until now.

Anderson Gets Captured

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After waking up from being knocked out by Maggie, Anderson spots his gun and attempts to retrieve it, but his partner, now turned Walker, walks past. Anderson quickly moves out of his sight and realizes he can’t get to it with the amount of Walkers around. Instead, he sneaks out and to a nearby building where he enters an apartment to find a weapon. He finds a photo of his family and keeps searching around, but there doesn’t seem to be much there. When he enters the living area, he finds his brother laying in the chair where he had shot himself in the head. He takes the gun off of him and covers his body with a blanket and his rosary. As he goes to leave the apartment, he finds a bunch of Walkers at the door. He exits through the window but ends up in one of the nearby traps swinging in the air with a bunch of Walkers trying to get to him underneath. At the end of the episode Anderson gets cut down by The Croat and his men saying he’s “wrapped just like a gift.” He leaves him there with his men.

Maggie and Negan Pair Up with the New Yorkers

After getting away from Anderson, Maggie and Negan encounter Esther, or “pigeon lady” as Negan refers to her, and she brings them back to her group. They clearly don’t take well to outsiders and when asked who they are Maggie tells them a lie about coming from Canada in a boat and needing to re-up their supplies before they get on their way again. They call their bluff and shove them inside of a dirty, old bathroom.

Maggie presses for more information on The Croat, which Negan gives her. Croat was a member of The Saviors that could really get into people’s heads and mess with them, making him a valuable asset to them. After Negan found out what he had done to a child, he knew he had one shot to take him out. Unfortunately, he missed, taking his ear off, but the rest of him got away. Maggie realizes that means The Croat will be after him to kill him too.

Once they get pulled out of the bathroom, one of the members of the group is hellbent on getting rid of them but Negan grabs him and holds a sharpened pigeon bone to his neck. They eventually let them stay but they get raided by The Croat’s people. They are able to kill some of them, but one of them gets to Esther and stabs her. Negan tells everyone else to flee and that he’ll take care of it. He drags the guy back inside the building where the rest of the people are and slams his head into the glass, yelling “knock knock” in the process.

Negan slips back into his Savior leader days with ease, slicing the man’s neck, coating everyone below with his blood, and then gutting him like a fish while Maggie watches from behind. He throws the man below and sends them all off with a threat. When he turns around, his face shows clear signs of remorse for having to be that person again.

Peter Kramer/AMC

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