‘Sympathy for the Devil’ Releases A Heart-Stopping Trailer


RLJE Films has released a trailer for its upcoming psychological thriller, Sympathy for the Devil. The trailer shows what should be a memorable night for one man that turns into a nightmare when a mysterious passenger takes a driver hostage while on his way to the birth of his second child. The passenger forces the driver to drive around Las Vegas with no destination in sight, forcing the driver to make quick and difficult decisions to make it out of this night alive.

Sympathy for the Devil stars Nicholas Cage as The Passenger and Joel Kinnaman as The Driver. Also starring in the film are Kaiwi Lyman, Cameron Lee Price, Rich Hopkins, Nancy Good, Alexis Zollicoffer, Oliver McCallum, Annisse White, and Danny Tesla. The film is written by Luke Paradise with Yuval Adler directing. Allan Ungar serves as producer along with Alex Lebovici, Nicholas Cage, Stuart Manashil, and David Haring. Christian Mercuri serves as executive producer alongside Marc Goldberg, David Sullivan, Tim Moore, Courtney Chenn, Jason Soto, and Waylen Lin.

Check out the trailer below for Sympathy for the Devil and make sure to see the film when it is released in theaters on July 28.

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