‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 13 “Ghost Plane”

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Season 4 part 2 of Manifest is finally here, and in episode 13, Olive and Cal work together to figure out why Fiona Clarke has come back and how, as Saanvi tries to figure out what Captain Daly is all about — but that won’t be easy. Meanwhile, Ben’s Calling leads to some family problems for Eagan, and Angelina creates some problems of her own.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Ghost Plane.”

Olive Trees


Cal brings the person he found at the barn home, and it’s revealed to be Fiona, who only has a cut on her forehead. She returned twice, just like him, but they don’t know what the reason is. Cal tried to ask her, but Fiona is zoned out, like she’s trapped in a Calling. Olive goes to the detention center and tells Ben about Fiona, and they talk in code so they don’t get any eyes on them, and Ben tells her about Daly and shows her the grasshopper that came out of him. Though Olive says it’s not a grasshopper, and it reminds her of something that grandma used to say.

“May a plague of locusts fall upon you.”

Fiona is set up in the living room, and Olive tells Cal she did some research on her and suggests that the car accident she was in when she was younger could have been the reason she never got Callings. Cal wants to do something, knowing that if Fiona had never met him in The Glow, who knows what would have happened. He suggests he may be able to solve the Calling.

Cal focuses on Fiona’s seat number, and he’s back on the plane, which has vines coming out of the cockpit, and on the ground. Soon, a full olive tree is taking root in a row of seats. After coming out of the Calling, Cal tells Olive what he saw, and Olive says she can see it; he has olives in his hand, and he gives it to his sister, which she can feel.

They can’t quite figure out what the olive trees mean since they’ve represented peace and friendship, which isn’t exactly what Daly and Fiona have. They hear Fiona gasping and notice she can’t breathe. Knowing they can’t call 9-1-1 so she doesn’t end up in the detention center, Olive tells Cal he can use his sapphire powers to get across to Saanvi. If Angelina can do it, so can he.

“Try to connect with the divine consciousness.”

Saanvi goes into a restricted area and sees Fiona in the hallway, hearing Cal in her mind, who tells her what’s going on. Saanvi tells Cal what to do, and she thinks Fiona has a collapsed lung, which means he needs to operate. After some reluctance during the procedure, Cal is able to make an incision in Fiona’s chest and put a straw in to help her breathe more easily.

Iron Thieves


Ben gets another Calling and the guards take him away despite Olive’s protests. Zimmer later gets inside the Callings Unit room, where Jared and Michaela are already waiting, surprised to see Ben when he’s brought in. Ben talks about his Calling, which includes a boat and a rope that was bringing it down, and Michaela thinks it could be about the Lifeboat. Ben is brought to the lab for monitoring as Jared and Michaela leave to solve it, and Ben’s glad that if he can’t solve it, she can.

Jared and Michaela show up to the marina and question the guy who is on the boat that Ben saw. The guy admits that his son is Eagan. After Vance tells Ben, he gets another Calling where he pulled someone out of the water with some sort of necklace — the Faravahar. It’s supposed to be a reminder of good conduct for the soul, according to Eagan; his mother had one just like it. Eagan isn’t particularly close to his parents, so he has no idea how to help; he doesn’t really care what happens to them.

Jared and Michaela speak to Eagan’s father, Nazir, who talks about sailing and says that if Eagan told them he’s in trouble, it was a lie. After getting a call from Vance, Jared tells Nazir that the Calling wasn’t about him, it was about his wife. Nazir calls her, but there’s no answer, so the three leave the marina.

They get to the Tehrani house, and Nazir calls out for his wife, Farnaz, who is nowhere to be found, even though the door was open. Michaela finds blood on the ground and asks Nazir if there was anything valuable, like a safe. Nazir looks in the safe and realizes that all the money for the trip they had been planning is gone, their life savings. They hear something outside, and Jared and Michaela point guns at whoever it is, but it just turns out to be Farnaz, who says she was at the police station to report the robbery. After noticing that she’s a little jumpy, Jared says she should talk to Detective Baker, but Farnaz says she did. However, there is no Detective Baker. Michaela figures that she took the money and broke a window to stage a robbery and injured her hand in the process, but why?

Vance and Ben tell Eagan about his mother, but he doesn’t believe it. Even he took some money out of a mason jar for ice cream that his dad had kept and was called a thief for years. But his mom spent years praying for his soul. Eagan knows it has nothing to do with him this time, and he’s not willing to help.

Ben gets another Calling; this time, he’s pulling something else from the boat, and it’s the necklace again. He asks Eagan about strings around an iron heart, and Eagan is immediately upset at Cheryl, his protege. He finally gives in and tells Ben and Vance that he was the inside man feeding marks to Cheryl to reunite passengers with their loved ones for money. It was a whole con he had, but he never thought she’d use it against his mother.

“The reason the con worked on your mother is because she loves you, Eagan.”

Eagan’s surprised because of what they went through over the years. He tells Ben and Vance how to get the money back but to hurry since Cheryl will be on the first bus to Toledo once she finds out she’s been burned.

Cheryl, meanwhile, meets with Jessica, the daughter of passenger Russ. Jared acts as Jessica’s husband, and Cheryl doesn’t give much information, but it’s still good enough for Jared, who begins to give Cheryl the bag. She notices the nervous way Jessica acts and runs, but Michaela catches her in time.

Eagan is reunited with his parents during visitation, and while Farnaz is happy to see him, Nazir isn’t so much. Eagan asks for forgiveness, and his mother says he did right today; that’s all that matters. However, Eagan wouldn’t blame them if they still hated him. Nazir tells him he is their heart, no matter what he does. They are bound to him, and his mother reminded him of it. Eagan touches his hand to the window, but Nazir says not yet. He’s still pissed at him. Though that “yet” is what will keep Eagan going.

It’s Funny What You Miss

After dealing with the Calling, Jared purposely slashes tires on his car so Michaela can have a few minutes to go on a run for the first time in a long time, and Jared joins her. They are laughing and happy, and Jared almost kisses her, but Michaela stops him. She’s not ready. Jared kisses her forehead and walks off.



Director Zimmer has done some research on locusts, assuming that things are going to escalate. She says they need to move to Gupta’s facility quickly and quietly. Two guards get Daly ready for transport, but they spot boils on his hand. The alarm goes off, and a guard soon has boils all over him. Unfortunately, by the time he’s taken to the lab, he’s dead.

Another guard has been killed from boils, and after looking at the tests, Saanvi tells Zimmer that the boils have Captain Daly’s DNA on them. She’s also been testing the locusts they’ve been seeing, and it’s coated in the same DNA. Both plagues originated with Daly. Zimmer doesn’t believe her, but Saanvi tells Zimmer that the less time they spend playing games is, the more time they have to find a cure to hopefully save the passengers. She wants to test Daly, but Zimmer won’t let her.

Saanvi sneaks into Daly’s room, and he’s awake but no longer has boils. She unstraps him and asks him if it’s okay if she takes a blood sample. He gives her permission.


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The little girl, Nina, tells Angelina she and her family are going to be living with her uncle in San Diego, but Angelina doesn’t like that she’s leaving, just like everyone in her life, including her “daughter.” Nina assures her that God is going to give her a sign, but as Angelina strokes her palm with the sapphire, she thinks He already did.

Eden is playing a game with Olive, but from the looks of her sapphire blue fingernails, it’s not Olive. “Olive” brings up Angelina and tells Eden that the things people say about her are not true and she will love her forever. Eden doesn’t say anything as “Olive” just hums. She hears footsteps and leaves, and the actual Olive comes in. With her palm glowing with the sapphire, Angelina is as happy as ever and continues to hum.

“Olive” asks Eden to move the olive trees picture below the photos of Daly and Fiona and has her turn to the page of Revelations 11 in the Bible. After hearing footsteps, she disappears again, and Angelina immediately grabs her own Bible and reads Revelations 11. She reads it to Nina, who was coming to say goodbye, and it’s about olive trees bringing the end of times and judgment for all.

“Judgment only comes after the two witnesses die.”

Angelina believes she needs to kill the two witnesses so she can experience judgment; this is what God wants her to do.

Olive and Cal test out a baby monitor so they can keep an eye on Fiona, and it works. Olive volunteers for first watch and later notices the olive trees are underneath Fiona and Daly’s pictures, but Cal didn’t move them, and Olive is sure she didn’t either. Olive notices the Bible is open up to Revelations 11 and puts the pieces together. But why would God send Fiona and Daly back with plagues? Cal thinks they came back with plagues so they can listen to what they have to say. However, after reading a passage about the witnesses being killed, the two of them worry for their safety. Olive tacks the passage to the board as a reminder.

“Olive” wakes up Eden and takes her down to Fiona, pointing out the straw in her chest. Eden thinks it’s a splinter, and “Olive” tells her she needs to help her. She should take it out. With no one really behind her, Eden takes the straw, and “Olive” takes her back to bed as Fiona has a hard time breathing. She tries reaching for the straw, but she dies. Angelina’s sapphire glows, and she crosses out the line in the Revelations passage about two witnesses, writing “one witness.” She takes out a map and underlines New York, knowing exactly where she needs to go.

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