‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 12 “Bug Out”

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Season 4 part 2 of Manifest is here, and in episode 12, Angelina is back and still believing that God will send her a sign for the final judgment and that Cal will play a part in it. Meanwhile, as Michaela and Jared work together to solve Joe Butler’s Calling and hopefully find his son, Ben and Saanvi make a startling discovery when they come across Captain Daly.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Bug Out.”

Waiting for a Sign

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In St. Louis, Missouri, Angelina is in a homeless encampment, her left hand burned from the sapphire, which is deep in her skin. A little girl asks her about it, and Angelina says she’s waiting for God to send her a sign. And yesterday, he did for the first time in a long time. Her hand glowed. He’s going to prepare her for the final judgment — trial by fire. The girl wonders if there’s anyone else like her, and Angelina tells her there is.

Cal is back on 828, and the apple he was just throwing is now bloody on the ground of the aisle. He notices someone a few rows ahead of him, and it’s Angelina.

“We always seem to find a way to each other. We’re connected, Cal.”

Cal tells her he doesn’t want to be anywhere near her, and is soon back at home, his hand bloody from the apple.

The little girl meets with Angelina after seeing her light on, and Angelina tells her that she saw the boy she talked about earlier. He doesn’t understand, but he will. Cal, meanwhile, takes a taxi to an orchard and sees the plane-shaped hole in the ground and the barn, once again noticing the same apple he had. He opens a door in the ground and finds a familiar face unconscious at the bottom of a ladder.


Michaela is going stir-crazy in her room, and suddenly, Zeke reappears. He wishes he could tell her everything that’s going to happen. If he tells her about the future, it’ll change her decisions. Instead, Michaela talks about the past, and Zeke wonders if they should talk about the cabin or earlier. He admits there were so many moments in their lives where they almost met and had no idea. They were at the Rockefeller ice rink at the same time in 2007, and Michaela almost slammed right into him, but she caught herself and skated on by. When she bought her first box of purple hair dye, Zeke was in one aisle over. Zeke was also at JFK the night that 828 was supposed to land, doing cab pickups. From The Glow, he’s able to see all the “almosts” they had. That “Find her,” they finally got it right. Michaela tells Zeke how hard it is to not touch him and wrap her arms around him. Zeke thinks it’s time for them to say goodbye, but then they’re interrupted by a doctor, who injects her with something and urges her to follow him.

After a long day, Michaela’s back in her room, and Zeke greets her from The Glow. Michaela tells him about her day, but Zeke tries to remain positive about it. Michaela tells him that she could use a hug right now and begs him to tell her that everything is going to be alright. However, Jared interrupts, and Michaela gives him a much-needed hug. He’s brought her a drink from a bar they used to go to, and it’s like old times again.

In the Darkness

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Director Zimmer and Jared question Joe Butler about a Calling he had, but he’s not so willing to share until they find his son Charlie, who wound up in foster care after he was detained. He’s always wondering about him, and if he has a night light, so he’s not afraid of the dark. Zimmer proposes a compromise — if they solve his Calling, then Jared will make some calls on his behalf. Michaela comes in with Vance, and Joe tells them all about his Calling that includes documents with ink, and it was dimly lit. He managed to make out some numbers, though. He also heard a violin.

“Please solve this. I need to find my boy.”

Vance tells Michaela that Zimmer has agreed, on a trial basis, to pair Michaela with Jared to help solve the Calling since she is the only passenger with a law enforcement background. Michaela realizes that’s why she was injected. She was chipped. Zimmer tells Michaela that whether or not she has the Calling solved, if she isn’t back in that room by 5 p.m., she will never see the other side of that wall again. After Zimmer leaves, Vance tells Michaela to not let him down since he’s been fighting forever to get a passenger on the Callings Unit. Michaela and Jared get to work.

Jared and Michaela meet up with Jared’s brother in the hopes he can help them locate a business because of his database. He is successful and is able to come up with a block of 15 businesses. After the ninth stop, they have no leads and are running out of time. Michaela’s starting to give up, but Jared tries to stay positive. Michaela suddenly recognizes the street they’re on, bringing back their early days on the force and going out for drinks.

They get to an antiques shop and immediately hear violins. The store owner brings over some rings, but Jared and Michaela tell him they aren’t ring shopping and start to make fun of their awkward relationship. They ask him about the store and say they’re doing maintenance checks, and he obliges. After doing a full check, nothing seems out of the ordinary, so Jared and Michaela leave. Michaela is sure they have the right store, so Jared suggests they call Olive.

They call Cal (since Ben smashed Olive’s phone), and Cal looks up Joe Butler’s file. However, there’s nothing on the boards that correlate to the Calling. Michaela wishes there was a way to get inside Joe’s head, and Cal thinks he might be able to. He touches Joe’s photo on the board, and his scar glows again. Soon, he’s back on 828 and can hear the violin. He sits down in Joe’s seat and sees what was in the Calling, from the document to the ink to the chandelier. Joe, meanwhile, is getting tested during his Calling, but Joe says his Calling was totally blank. Cal tells Michaela and Jared that he saw the dim light, but it didn’t stay dim, and the chandelier was above the counter, but it shattered.

Michaela and Jared return to the store and ask about the chandelier. While the fuse box makes it look like it wouldn’t be capable of that power, Michaela knows the Callings aren’t literal. They’re supposed to pay attention to the electrical unit, so they follow the wires.

Michaela checks out a room and finds a fake wall. The clerk is about to hit her with a hammer, but luckily, Jared knocks him out. Michaela and Jared break through the wall, and see a group of kids, a trafficking ring, and it includes Charlie, Joe’s son.

“I think Joe’s Calling just saved his son.”

The clerk is taken away, and Michaela tells a detective that he created whole new identities for the kids, who thought they were just going to camp. Jared, meanwhile, is furious that Charlie’s foster family isn’t working out, as every one they’ve tried don’t like 828ers. Jared and Michaela comfort Charlie and tell him about his dad, and Jared makes sure that he’s placed with a family that is sympathetic toward 828.

Jared and Michaela get back in time and tell Joe that they solved his Calling. They take him to the visitor’s area, where Joe is reunited with Charlie, even if it is a window separating them. Charlie’s with a new family now who promise to bring him for visits, and he’s been having a good time. He was even given a night light from one of the kids, and Joe tells him that the darkness never lasts.

Wake Him Up

Vance goes to get Ben from solitary, but he is deep in a Calling, constantly writing “Wake him up” on the wall. He enlists Saanvi for help, and she suggests letting Ben finish the Calling. Saanvi offers to stay to keep an eye on Ben, and Vance reminds her that he is leaving her alone in a restricted area. He’s trusting her to get him back to his room.

Saanvi talks to Ben during his Calling, and Ben comes out of the Calling, finally. He sees what he did on the wall. They both try to figure out what the Calling meant, and Ben notices the spacing, which is a path. Saanvi realizes it’s a map of the detention center, and as Ben’s kids like to say, they’re “going on a treasure hunt.” The two try to sneak back, and before they’re caught, they hide in a closet, and Saanvi tells Ben to follow her lead, and she kisses him so it looks like they’re only sneaking around so they can be together. Only it’s Vance who opens the door. He tells them there’s a surprise count later, so they better get to their rooms quickly. Vance distracts one of the guards, and Ben and Saanvi are able to slip away.

Ben and Saanvi get to a secure room, and because Saanvi has picked up on all of the codes and their sounds, she knows what to punch in after the guard leaves. They open the door and see Captain Daly, who has something crawling inside the side of his head.

The two wonder how Daly got there, and Saanvi goes over what happened when Cal touched the Tailfin and how he saw Daly in the glow before he disappeared again. Ben realizes his “Wake him up” Calling was about Daly, and Saanvi injects him with something that immediately wakes him up. Ben calms him down and asks what happened, but the alarms go off for the lockdown. Ben doesn’t want to leave Daly, but Saanvi talks him into it so they don’t get caught.

Zimmer and her colleagues walk into Daly’s room, surprised and upset to see him awake. He seems to be seizing, and when he opens his mouth, a swarm of bugs come out.

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