‘Citadel’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Time Renders Us Enemies”


Episode five brings us to the penultimate episode of Citadel season 1. Citadel follows two spies in their attempts to recover their past. After the fall of a global spy agency, something sinister is rising in its place.

The Question

Catching up with Mason and Nadia in Athens nine years earlier, Mason loads a gun while Nadia watches from afar fixing them drinks. Mason holds a jewelry box as Nadia asks for an update on the Oz Key. Telling her, no, it has disappeared, Nadia wonders if it is time to bring back Celeste from her safe house. Mason denies this, saying he is sure she is enjoying her time off. Looking suspicious, but carrying on the conversation, Nadia asks who they are being today.

He informs her they are playing a married couple on their honeymoon. Placing the gorgeous ring in front of Nadia, Mason watches as she puts it on. Wondering why Bernard went all out with the ring for this mission, she is interrupted by Mason asking her, what if it was real? With the question, “what if it’s not from Bernard?” Mason changes the tone of the conversation. “With you I’m me, and only with you am I me,” Mason says as he asks Nadia to marry him.

The Deal With Bernard

Back in the present, Bernard convinces Anders that Celeste is indeed alive and he can take him to her. With the looming threat of a helicopter approaching, Anders cuts Bernard loose as a gunshot goes off. Archer enters the room, having just shot Anders in the head without hesitation. With a dead Anders laying at her feet, Archer compliments Bernard on his silver tongue. Bernard brings up someone we haven’t heard before. Saying, “Thomas would be ashamed of what you have become,” he earns Archer spitting in his face. Hurt by his words, Archer says she would kill thousands of agents all over again if it meant people not losing the ones they love as she did, revealing that a Citadel spy was the reason for their downfall.

The Answer

Jumping back in time we see that Nadia has received a confidential message on her phone: a photo of Celeste, with the message that she isn’t in Farmington and something has happened. The next message reads, “she was backstopped by Bernard.” Bursting into Bernard’s office, she smashes his keyboard and asks one question, “did he know?” Feeling betrayed, she flashes to all her moments with Mason, confronting him about how he lied about knowing. Turning it around, Mason confronts her about taking the Oz Key. He confesses it was all for her because he doesn’t want to lose her. Nadia confesses in return that she didn’t sell the key to anyone; she destroyed it because no one should have that much power.

This back and forth continues until Mason reveals why he became a spy. When he was five-years-old, his dad died, and his mom left him. Through Citadel, he gained an identity, and through meeting Nadia, he truly found himself. He calls out Nadia by saying she became a spy to hide. Laying it all on the line, Mason tells her he can love, and asks if she can in return. Nadia says yes, but she cannot love him. Placing the engagement ring on the table, she breaks Mason’s heart.

Still Hiding Secrets

After shattering Mason’s heart, we see Nadia get in touch with someone named Rahi. He has a passport ready for her to go to Valencia. She says she has a few more loose ends to tie up at Citadel. Rahi states that if she stays much longer they will learn the truth about her. Asking what she will do about Mason when this is all over, Nadia states that he must never find out.

We find Bernard still tied to a chair as Archer threatens his and Mason’s families. With a bomb pointed straight at them, Bernard finally gives up the codes to the nuclear locater. Thinking his family is safe now, Archer orders the families killed, stating that it is an eye for an eye. She walks off as Bernard screams after her. In Wyoming, all the families hear the alarm going off and head underground. Archer reaches out to Davik, filling him in on how Mason and Nadia broke Carter out of their facility. Also, she lies and says that Bernard shot his brother dead, not her, giving him further fuel to end this feud.


Carter and Mason confront Nadia about her work with Rahi and the year she went off the grid. With all the evidence piling up it looks like Nadia is the mole that took down Citadel. With the men pushing and accusing, Nadia finally gives in that she has a daughter. We see her calling Rahi in the past, telling him she is pregnant with Mason’s child. Her year off-grid was spent pregnant and raising her child. Nadia hasn’t seen her child in eight years. Mason is blindsided by this news. Asking who their child has been with, Carter jumps in saying Rahi, the terrorist. Nadia defends Rahi by saying he is her father, shocking both men.

Archer brings the news of the nuclear finder to the families behind Manticore. They are pleased but realize they still cannot access the nukes. Archer reveals there is only one person who can, Mason Kane. Soon, cars approach Mason, Nadia, and Carter, surrounding them. A man steps out of the car and hands Mason a secure line of communication. Archer speaks to Mason, telling him he will help her get access to the five nukes they want to release tomorrow. When Mason asks why he would help, one of the men holds up his and Nadia’s daughter’s bracelet.

Citadel is available to stream on Prime Video. The season 1 finale will be next Friday, May 26.

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