Jared Padalecki Talks More About ‘Walker’: Cordell and Geri’s Relationship, Augie, Stella and What That Means for Season 4

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After last night’s season 3 finale of The CW’s Walker, fans were treated to Cordell and Geri rekindling their romance, Auggie telling his dad about wanting to enlist in the army, and Stella planning to head to college.

With season 4 of the show officially a go, we can’t help but wonder where our beloved characters go from here. As part of our interview with Jared Padalecki, he talked about what storylines he hopes to continue to explore in the next season!

Spoiler warning: Below this point contains spoilers from Walker‘s season 3 finale.

Nerds & Beyond: Now that season 4 has been announced, what storylines are you going to be most excited to continue to explore?

Jared Padalecki: Auggie tells his dad that he wants to enlist in the Army and go into the military like his daddy did before him. Obviously, dad Cordell has some stuff to think about there. And, Stella is going to be going to college in Austin, so she’ll be around and that’s very exciting.

The house is full I think certainly for Cordell and we see it in the [episode], he asks Geri to basically move in together, and that’s something that he really hasn’t done since Emily. He and Geri had a relationship and decided to kind of wait a second. That kind of found family with Auggie getting near the end of high school and Stella being in town, and Geri and Cordell hopefully having made the leap and the jump to give it a real honest shot … a lot of people in the non-television world, here in the real world, you kind of try something out with whether it’s a friend or a spouse or a lover or whatever, you trust in the relationship, and then sometimes you move away from it. And, moving away from it makes you realize how much you really needed it, how much of a part of you it was. I’m really excited to see what Cordell as a partner can be like. I have my Texas Ranger partner in Cassie, the lovely Ashley Reyes, but I’m excited to see the way Cordell and Geri navigate those tumultuous waters of having a college kid, a high school kid, jobs, and lives.

You can catch up on Walker and watch the season 3 finale now on The CW app. You can read the rest of our interview with Jared here, and catch up on all of our Walker coverage here.

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