‘The Mandalorian’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 7 “Chapter 23: The Spies”

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Din Djarin found a way to get Bo-Katan the Darksaber and her quest to reunite Mandalorians and retake Mandalore is underway.

The Moff is Back!

Elia Kane is sneaking around the allies on Coruscant to find a droid to transmit a message to none other than Moff Gideon. It turns out he sent the pirates to Nevarro and despite Kane’s interference to keep the New Republic from sending aid, two factions of Mandalorians that are supposed to be sworn enemies — Bo-Katan’s and Din’s — came to Karga’s aid. He tells Kane to stay on her mission regardless.

After walking down his menacing hallway, he attends a meeting of former Imperial officers operating as bitter unorganized warlords the New Republic will take notice, so they have to be more careful. Grand Admiral Thrawn’s (Yes, that is a cacophony of Star Wars fans screaming in excitement) return will herald in the support they need to overtake the New Republic. Commandant Brendol Hux (yes, General Hux’s father, played by Domnhall Gleeson’s brother, Brian) also needs more time to deliver on Project Necromancer.

Gideon questions Pallaeon about when Thrawn will join their Shadow Council meetings, and he’s told that their success depends on the secrecy of Thrawn’s return. Clearly, Gideon doesn’t believe Thrawn is actually out there and he wants new leadership. A few of the officers agree with him. Hux asks about Pershing and the research Gideon promised them, but Gideon has to confess that Pershing was captured by the New Republic (by his orders…) and the research is lost for now. Hux reveals that he knows what Gideon was doing on Nevarro with Pershing (and Grogu) and he tells them the obsession with clones is theirs and in reality, Pallaeon and Hux are the ones hoarding resources while the rest of the officer scrap by. Gideon’s most recent request: Three Praetorian Guards and reinforcements for his TIE interceptor squadron. And bombers.

When asked what his security concern is for needing all this high artillery, he simply responds, “Mandalorians.” He informs them that the Mandalorians are working to retake Mandalore, which would be a huge issue to the Empire. They grant his requests for reinforcements.

Grogu’s Got a New Ride

Bo-Katan returns with her former fleet to the Mandalorians on Nevarro and Bo-Katan is concerned the groups won’t get along. They come face-to-helmet as Bo’s tribe removes their helmets while Din’s keep theirs on and the Armorer intercedes and invites the newest members to make up camp as they prepare a feast for the new guests. Karga brings them a gift — some fancy booze from Coruscant — as well as something else much more exciting.


The Anzellans have made something of IG-11 — now IG-12’s — carcass, a little pod for Grogu to pilot him now installed. Din is hesitant and tells Karga that Grogu is too young to operate heavy machinery but now the little tot has a voice. He quickly slaps the “No” button and argues with Din for a moment before taking up Karga’s offer to test his new rig in the office.

Grogu is clearly thrilled with his new capability, just continuously slapping the yes button through the office and continuing as they stroll through the streets, stealing food from the market stands that Din has to pay for and Din is exasperated dad to the highest degree.

The Plan to Retake Mandalore

Bo-Katan reveals her plan to retake Mandalore. A small fleet will go down and assess and establish a perimeter and then the others will join them. She needs volunteers from both tribes and of course, Din is the first to offer himself and Grogu. Koska Reeves and Axe Woves from Bo’s fleet follow, and after Paz Vizsla agrees, more from both tribes offer themselves up to the mission, as well as the Armorer.


The next morning, they take off. Bo drops the scouting team on the surface and they secure the landing site for the Gauntlet. They’re looking for the Forge and the scout begins before the rest of the settlers are brought down.

Din spots something coming up on the horizon, Bo calling out Nite Owls as a ship of Mandalorian survivors approaches. They ask her if she’s wearing the crest of the Nite Owls, and they recognize her voice. They pledge their allegiance to her and the scouting team joins them on their ship. She confesses to them she did surrender to Moff Gideon to save Mandalorian lives after the Night of a Thousand Tears. It was the only chance she had to save their people, and he betrayed her anyway.

The survivors ask how Din’s tribe survived and the Armorer tells them that they were hidden on the moon of Concordia. He asks if they’re Death Watch and she tells him that Death Watch is no more, it was shattered into many warring factions. Bo cuts in to remind them that it’s only their own division that destroys them, not outside enemies.

An Understanding

Din finds Bo-Katan standing alone and he tells her that he had no idea about the truth of what Bo did to try and save the Mandalorians. He’d been taught she was selfish and uncaring and that only his clan had remained true to the Way. She agrees with him, that she was selfish, and that brought the destruction of Mandalore. Bo doubts she can keep everyone together when Din assures her they’ll rebuild and survive as they always have, and that all she has is the Darksaber to keep everyone together. But Din tells her his people knew nothing of the Darksaber, they don’t care about bloodline or station, they care about honor, loyalty, and character. And that’s why he serves her, and he promises to serve her until her song is written.

Okay, So Not Everyone Gets Along


In the morning, the Armorer takes the weakened survivors back to the fleet on the Gauntlet while the remaining lead the scouting team to the Great Forge. On the way, leave it to Paz and Axe to start the first fight of the trip over some space chess. Submit or fight. Bo lets them continue, saying it was bound to happen. But there’s one being on that ship that can’t handle it, little Grogu in IG-12 steps in and separates them slamming on his “No” button. Bo commends Din’s teaching ability, but Din admits Gorgu didn’t learn that from him.

Abandon Ship

Mandalore isn’t without its creature-based threats, and a giant Ankylosaurus-like creature destroys the ship, the Mandalorians fleeing to the caverns. They make it to the Great Forge but it would appear someone (read: Gideon) was expecting them. They’re ambushed by Imperial forces and Axe makes a run to get reinforcements from the fleet still hovering above.

The Mandalorians advance and when it looks like they may have victory, they come across an Imperial ambush, Din being separated from the group and taken hostage. Then, Moff Gideon descends in full Mandalorian armor as Din is tied up and disarmed. He thanks them for gathering all the Mandalorians in one place and assures them Mandalore will live on in him.

He’s created the next generation of Dark Trooper, himself donned in beskar alloy armor. The TIE interceptors rev up to take out the fleet above as Din is taken to the debriefing room. Gideon demands Bo surrender the Darksaber to him but Paz isn’t having it. He opens fire on the blast door as Bo cuts through the one on the other side with the Darksaber, making an exit path for the team as Gideon’s forces open fire.

Paz takes up the rear as everyone flees and when only he and Bo-Katan remain, she tells him to flee, but instead, he closes the blast door behind him, opting to stay behind and fight until his warrior’s death to allow the others to flee. When it appears victory has been reached despite his weapon being rendered useless, the Praetorian Guards arrive and make quick work of our hero. (Seriously, Dave, Rick, and Jon? I hated this guy six episodes ago. And now I’m crying.)

The season 3 finale of The Mandalorian will air exclusively on Disney+ Wednesday, April 19.

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