‘The Company You Keep’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “Company Man”

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This week, Emma has Charlie go undercover with Daphne. It’s a little tricky when she has to monitor everything.

Unlikely Friends

When Daphne asks for Charlie’s help, he informs Emma, and she sets him up with a fake identity to get in. They’re going to a government-related weapons conference. Daphne tries to talk to someone about dealing illegal weapons for them, and they turn her down because they can’t manage the size of operation that she wants.

Charlie gets her to open up about it and convinces her that they need to make the gun that she wants to sell off the market so he’ll agree to let her move the leftover guns.

Throughout the trip, they work together to get certain people on board and agree to help. As they do all of this, they open up to each other about why they’re working in jobs like this and other personal matters.

Emma is listening to them the whole time with a bug that she gave Charlie that she can also talk to him through. She’s clearly upset through parts of it and asks if what Charlie opened up to Daphne is true. He tells her that it is, but it’s also for the job, and he’d rather be opening up to just Emma.

Near the end of the job that Charlie is working with Emma, the bug she gave him is tripped by security. Emma is able to cover herself at first but blows her cover to the FBI agent who was running security so he didn’t expose Charlie.

The Truth

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After talking to Simon, Birdie asks her dad about the night Simon left. Simon reveals to her that he found Simon passed out because he was high with Ollie in the bathtub. The water was freezing cold, and her lips were blue. After getting her out and taken care of, he woke Simon up and told him that he either needed to get clean or leave with the additional threat of his life if he did neither.

Birdie is upset with him because while she understands that he was protecting her, she has been blaming herself for all these years. She didn’t know why he left, so she came up with her own reasons.

She ends up talking to Simon and then Ollie about what she wants in terms of a relationship with her dad. They have a good talk that’s transparent about him leaving because of his substance use, but Birdie doesn’t explain the details of what happened.

Moving On

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At the end of the episode, Simon and Leo have a talk, and Simon apologizes. After, Simon takes Ollie to get ice cream.

Meanwhile, Emma stops by Charlie’s to get the equipment that he was using. The two talk, but it doesn’t go anywhere. She’s still upset with him but seems to be starting to understand him and his lifestyle.

The Company You Keep is back on Sunday, April 16 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show here!

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