‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 “Head On”


In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, Candice and Jon get another test in their relationship, Lois gets her first treatment at Hob’s Bay, and Intergang steals important DoD intel. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Head On.”

Sarah Smoothes Things Over

Sarah and Lana are out to eat when Junior, Mayor Dean’s son, spots them and walks up to them. Lana asks how he and his mom are doing, but he doesn’t want her to act as if she cares. Lana issued a statement but he notes she didn’t mention anything he did for the community. He knows she cheated to beat his dad. At the dance, Junior is still clearly upset so Sarah meets him in the parking lot to talk to him. They exchange a flash back and forth when Lana catches them after looking for Sarah. He heads inside and Sarah explains why they were doing it. He was just upset about his dad and it wasn’t anything personal. Lana says next time, just don’t drink.

Candice and Jon Go the Distance

Candice drops a major bombshell on Jon that she’ll be moving in with her aunt in Topica, four hours away. He tries to make it work by asking Kyle if he can volunteer during the week so he has his weekends free. Kyle tells him he’s going to have to decide what’s most important to him. When he pulls Candice aside to tell her he’s going to quit volunteering to spend time with her, she stops him in his tracks and tells him he can’t. He and his family have sacrificed so much for her that she can’t let him do that. They both want to see each other and they’ll make it work somehow.

Lois’ Treatment at Hob’s Bay

Colin Bentley/The CW

Lois and Clark are at Hob’s Bay to get Lois’ second chemotherapy treatment (and snoop around the facility). As Lois is looking for more info on Henry, Bruno catches her and denies any allegations Lois throws his way. Instead, he says he’ll make sure she gets the best treatment possible but she’s not going to stop him from helping the people of his community. He pulls the electric blinds up and shows her his state-of-the-art research facility and gives her a tour. After the tour, Clark is waiting for Lois on the other side of the door. Bruno offers to hand over all the doctor’s files so Lois can look at them.

While Lois is off snooping, Clark is chatting with two other women getting treatment. After seeing it firsthand and one of the ladies getting fatigued from her treatment, he realizes that Lois can’t do everything and she needs rest. When he tells her this before the dance, she tries to deny it and go anyway because all she wants to do is see everyone dressed up and dancing. When Clark gets back from the raid, she’s laying on the couch and tells him as much as she wants to go, she can’t. Clark was right; she needs rest. When everyone gets home from the dance, Lois is still upset she didn’t even get pictures. Clark plays music and moves the table out of the way so she can still get her wish in the comfort of her own home with her loved ones.

Matteo Visits Smallville

The CW

Matteo has been communicating with Sarah who told him to visit Smallville to talk to Natalie himself. So, he makes the trip and Jordan finds him in town and brings him back to the farm. Sam doesn’t seem too happy about it because Jordan breached all safety protocols, but Jordan knows he’s harmless. Natalie says she’ll give him her number this time and he offers to take her to the movies but as much as she would love to, she has a Valentine’s Day dance at the high school. Matteo offers to go with her, but he doesn’t have a suit. He wants to go to town to buy one.

At the dance, they’re having a great time until Matteo goes to kiss Natalie. She pulls away and walks off and Sam sees it, following her outside. He asks if she wants to talk about it but she doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her. Eventually, after talking to Sam, she heads back inside and asks Matteo to stay, but he knows he overstepped and apologizes.

Intergang Raids the DoD

While Clark is getting ready to go to the dance with Lois, Intergang swarms the DoD. They get access to all of their valuable information as Superman fights Deadline. They find out about Bizarro and steal his body.

New episodes of Superman & Lois air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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