‘Ted Lasso’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 “Signs”

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In this week’s episode of Ted Lasso, “Signs,” it appears that Zava may not be the solution to all of Richmond’s problems after all. Meanwhile, Rebecca begins to realize that perhaps the psychic was on to something, Keeley spends time with Jack, and Nate tries taking a model on a date to his favorite restaurant.

The losing streak

It appears that the magic of the Zava effect can only last so long, because they’ve been struggling with a losing streak ever since their loss to Nathan and West Ham — they’ve now dropped down to ninth place. The coaches, Higgins, and Trent reconvene after their game with Newcastle, lamenting over the way the Greyhounds’ offense and defense are both struggling. Roy comments on the fact that the boys have been spending the matches standing around watching Zava, and Rebecca storms in, demanding to know if they’re ever going to win another match (and the entire room proceeds to debate over which direction is north).

The psychic strikes again

Rebecca’s sitting at a coffee shop when she runs into John Wingsnight, whom she went on a few dates with in season 2. Things ultimately didn’t work out for them, especially not after Roy told her that she deserves to be with someone that makes her feel like she’s been struck by lightning. However, John seemingly found love once again, and he’s now engaged to a woman he met only six months prior. They prattle on about how they had an unpleasant run-in with Anthony Hopkins while they were seeing Hamilton (it seems John hasn’t changed a bit), and Jessica accidentally calls her fiancé her “shite in nining armor.” She’s incredibly embarrassed about the spoonerism when Rebecca blatantly points it out, but she doesn’t understand that she’s not doing it to be cruel — she’s downright shocked that Tish the psychic was now apparently right about two of her predictions (the first being the green matchbook).

Hoping to get to the bottom of things, Rebecca goes to her doctor in order to rule out Tish’s third and final prediction. He runs tests in order to determine if pregnancy is still a viable option for Rebecca at this age, assuring her that it very well could be. He eventually calls her with the results, though we don’t hear his side of the conversation, so it’s unclear what he told her.

The downfall of Shandy

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Keeley’s in the middle of talking to Jack in her office — following Barbara’s retreat after neither would listen to her insistence that they should take on more clients — when Shandy excitedly waltzes in to tell her that’s created an app to help people have sex with celebrities. Jack offers Keeley some advice on how to fire Shandy by using a compliment sandwich.

Though Keeley initially didn’t think she’d be able to fire her friend, when Barbara tells her later that Shandy caused them to lose one of their clients, she realizes that her entitlement has truly gone too far. Given what we’ve seen of Shandy thus far, the termination goes as expected: it goes from a private conversation in Keeley’s office to her storming out and absolutely losing her mind in front of everyone. Claiming that she’s going to start her own PR firm, she tries to convince Keeley’s other employees to come work for her instead, but ultimately it doesn’t work.

Keeley learns a lesson about making sure to revoke access to the office once someone has been fired, because just as she and Jack are getting ready to leave for the Richmond game, they both begin to smell something quite terrible. They walk into the conference room to find a lamb on the table (which is entirely covered in turds).

Problems at home

Despite all of Richmond’s current struggles, Ted’s focus is entirely shot when he gets a text from Michelle that he was involved in a bullying incident at school. Beard and Roy are immediately ready to hop into action. However, when Michelle calls him later, Ted is shocked to find out that Henry was the bully.

A tough pill to swallow

In light of the losing streak, Higgins awkwardly broaches a difficult conversation with Rebecca as he tells her that the club is going in the wrong direction … and it’s not about the quality of their players. Which means that, as football goes, they may need to consider finding a new manager. Rebecca is affronted at the idea of firing Ted; it’s too bleak. She changes the topic and asks him if he believes in psychics (of course he does). Higgins explains that psychics, even the charlatans, help people see things that they may not quite be able to see in themselves.

A Taste of Nate

For whatever reason, Anastasia feels compelled to pass along her number to Nate, since he didn’t have the guts to ask for it at Rupert’s party. As quite a bit of his character arc has centered around this restaurant, Nate decides to take her to A Taste of Athens. His interactions with the hostess Jade are awkward as always, and she can’t quite seem to wrap her head around the fact that he’s on a date with a model.

Despite the fact that Derek happily gives them the prized window table, Anastasia immediately remarks how it’s “not very nice” in the restaurant. She’s frustrated because the dips look like piles of vomit, so she can’t post them for her followers. Ultimately, she asks Nate to leave, because it’s just so dumpy and sad there. He opens up to her, telling her how every important moment in his family’s lives has been spent there. Anastasia makes up a lie and leaves. After hearing him talk about the baklava, Jade brings him a plate, though Nate doesn’t think he can eat all of it alone. Surprisingly, despite the disinterest she’s always shown in him, she joins him.

Jamie vs. Zava

The workout room is brimming with negativity as the Greyhounds come to terms with how poorly they’ve been playing, but Jamie (never would have seen this coming in season 1) steps up and tries to motivate them. Zava stands up immediately after and essentially shares the same sentiment, to which the team eagerly reacts. Jamie Tartt, once again, really cannot stand this guy.

The disappearance of Zava

The match is about to begin, the crowd is going wild for their new favorite player, and yet the legend himself is nowhere to be found. Zava isn’t answering their calls, and neither are any of his people, including his agent, manager, publicist … not even his avocado whisperer. He never ends up showing up, and the Greyhounds lose.

Keeley and Jack

Although they have to miss the Richmond game to clean up the mess left by Shandy and the lamb, Keeley and Jack kick back for an evening of fun drinking on the couch in her office. Eventually, they get to talking about relationships, and Keeley leans forward to kiss her. Though she’s initially apologetic for being so forward, Jack eagerly returns the sentiment, and Keeley turns on the tint on her office window as things get steamy between the two of them.


Following another tough loss, Ted begins to have another panic attack in the office. Henry calls him just in the nick of time, and the two have a brief but good, productive conversation about the bullying. Afterward, Ted is visibly relieved once he knows that his son is okay.

Meanwhile, Zava posts a video announcing that he’s retiring from football to dedicate his time and energy into his family … and his avocado farm. The team is deflated when Ted walks out for some very brief post-game remarks, but then Sam asks him what they’re going to do about Zava. He begins to talk, but the team panics when the trademark “Believe” sign falls apart behind him. Ted tears it apart as he tells them that it’s just a sign, and he goes on to give an inspiring speech about believing (tissues, anyone?).

Belief doesn’t just happen ’cause you hang something up on a wall.

– Ted Lasso

Top Ted-isms Zava-isms of the week

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Ted had a rough go this episode and wasn’t his usual silly, quippy self. However, in honor of his retirement, we’ll take a look at some of Zava’s wisdom this time around.

“My wife, Christina, is the only woman I see with clarity. Every other woman is a smudge.”

“I don’t care about moving pictures [movies]. My favorite thing to watch is my wife.”

“If you put your energy into the things you truly love, the universe puts its thing back into you.”

The next episode of Ted Lasso will premiere exclusively on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, April 19. Follow along with all of our weekly episodic recaps here.

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