Disney+ Releases Trailer for Original Movie ‘Crater’

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Disney+ is ready to take viewers on a trip that will be out of this world. Crater is an original movie from director Kyle Patrick Alvarez alongside the producers of Stranger Things that will premiere on May 12.

The trailer shows that Crater is set in the year 2257 in a colony on Earth’s moon. We get to meet an interesting cast of characters led by Isaiah Russell-Bailey, who plays Caleb O’Conell. Joining him is Mckenna Grace as Addison, Billy Barratt as Dylan, and Orson Hong as Borney. This group of friends is about to set off on a trip they will never forget.

We hear Caleb’s dad, played by Scott Mescudi, talking about a trip to the mysterious crater. After his father passes away, Caleb decides he needs to fulfill his final wish. He gathers his best friends and the group of teens set out. Many have never ventured outside of the dome that they called home their entire lives. This makes Addison the odd one out as she is originally from Earth. The group finds adventures along the way, like playing moon baseball, testing jetpacks, getting caught in meteor showers. You know, just normal road trip shenanigans.

Crater has a fun coming-of-age vibe that few films have been able to produce recently. This talented young cast has amazing chemistry that will capture the hearts of viewers. Crater will be available to stream on Disney+ on May 12.

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