‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 11 “Double Trouble”

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This week’s 9-1-1: Lone Star saw Wyatt dropping a bombshell on Judd as Mateo deals with his LA-based identical cousin. Meanwhile, TNT tends to a woman who is shot with an arrow, and a recovering Marjan finds desk duty hard.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Double Trouble.”

Wyatt “Drops” a Bombshell


Judd and Grace have dinner with Wyatt and his girlfriend, and it all seems to be going well … until Wyatt confesses that he’s dropping out of school. Judd begins to freak out, and Grace tries to keep the balance. Wyatt says he wants to be a firefighter and was hoping Judd would put in a good word with the chief since he missed the application deadline for the spring session. That’s not the only bombshell, however. The young lovebirds confess they’re having a baby.

Tommy finds Judd aggressively punching a punching bag, indicating that everything is not all right. Judd tells her about Wyatt, and Tommy mentions it’s not surprising that he wants to be a firefighter, considering he idolizes Judd and he’s a great role model. Judd thinks Wyatt’s just going to throw away his future and college. However, Tommy says that if his biggest problem is that Wyatt would turn out just like him, then he doesn’t have a problem.

“He ain’t like me.”

Wyatt visits the firehouse to talk to Judd more about what they talked about at dinner since he hasn’t been responding to texts. Judd tells him it’s a mistake, but Wyatt knows he’s going to stick around and he’s going to be a good dad. He’s not going to make the same mistakes. It’s not just that, however. Judd thinks Wyatt is too soft. Wyatt walks away, proving that his dad is right.

Grace wakes up to find Judd fixing the cabinets in the kitchen, not being able to sleep. He tells her about Wyatt coming by the firehouse, and after getting some wise advice from his wife yet again, Judd starts rethinking what he said to Wyatt.

Judd invites Wyatt over to tell him that he’s been doing some rethinking about what he said. He and Grace are willing to help them out until he graduates from the Fire Academy, and they will train together until he earns his seat. However, Wyatt tells Judd he’s starting next week. He talked to the chief himself and without dropping Judd’s name. Surprised and proud, Judd realizes they have some work to do and gives Wyatt some clothes he found. They don’t have a lot of time to train before Wyatt starts at the Academy, so they get right to it.

Stir Crazy

Still in recovery and on desk duty, Marjan is going a bit stir-crazy not being able to be in the field, so she’s been making chore charts and reorganizing to keep busy. At one point, after coming back from a call, Marjan coordinates dinner, and Judd and Owen both agree about getting her back in the field.

Seeing Double


Mateo gets a call from a very familiar face that 9-1-1 fans will recognize: his identical cousin, Marvin (from the season 2 earthquake episodes, reprised by Julian Works). Marvin tells Mateo that he’s locked up again for joyriding again. Bail is $25,000, and he was hoping that his cousin would pull through and help.

Mateo seeks advice from Owen while also asking to borrow $25,000. Owen brings up the fact that Marvin may always ask Mateo to bail him out because he knows there’s someone that can take care of the bill. However, Mateo says that he owes him. His family took him in when he came to America when he was younger, and Marvin always looked out for him when they were kids.

“But there’s a difference between looking out for someone and enabling bad behavior.”

Owen says that Marvin needs to learn his lesson this time. Mateo doesn’t listen to Owen as he tries to sell his Pokémon collection. After telling Nancy what happened, she Venmos him the money that he needs that she’s been saving since she was 13. Mateo doesn’t want to take it at first since it was too generous, but Nancy says it’s a loan and he will pay her back.

Mateo gets a call from Marvin, only to be someone else. Later in Owen’s office, Mateo tells Cap that, according to his cousin Daniela, there wasn’t much left. It only took two hours for Marvin to be free until he stole another car, and it cost him his life. Mateo blames himself for getting him killed. If he had listened to Owen, Marvin would be in jail, pissed but alive. Owen tells Mateo to go home and that he’ll send someone to accompany him, but Mateo says he’s good. He asks Owen to borrow cash for the trip to LA for the funeral, and Owen happily obliges. Mateo’s trying to figure out what to tell his aunt and uncle, and Nancy offers to go home with him, and paying her back doesn’t matter. Mateo just wants to be alone.

Marvin and Mateo


Home alone, Mateo keeps hearing voices in his head and starts to drink … a lot. He gets more upset and frustrated, and while walking toward his phone, he trips and hits his head.

In a dream scenario, 9-1-1: Lone Star has turned into a ’90s sitcom starring Marvin and Mateo Chavez. “Matty” is one to sneak out and vandalize, while Marvin is rule-abiding. Mateo admits that the school burned down while he was out. He has trouble washing off the red paint on his hands, and Marvin assures him he has his back.

With Uncle O played by Owen, Aunt Marisol played by Tommy, and cousin Daniela played by Marjan, plus Milkman Judd and dreamy Officer Reyes along with his nincompoop sidekick (played by T.K.), the dream series basically tells the story of how Mateo burned down the middle school, and Marvin took the fall for it. Which is why Mateo always felt the need to owe him.

Back in the real world, Mateo has woken up and is getting checked out by Nancy and Owen. Mateo wants to go to the police station to report what he did, admitting that he burned down his school when he was 13. Marvin went to juvie, and it changed him. Mateo wants to clear his name. Nancy tells Mateo he could lose everything, but he says he needs to make this right. Owen offers to drive him to the station.

Owen drives Mateo down to the station, but to the fire station rather than the police station. While he couldn’t save Marvin, he can save other people. Owen tells Mateo to not throw away Marvin’s sacrifice. His work is too important.

Life-Saving Arrow

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Two kids lose their ball in the yard next door, and the lady refuses to give it back after they decapitated her lawn gnome, throwing it in a box that is filled with more lost toys. To keep entertained, the kids bring out a bow and arrow to shoot at some toys. When their dad comes out and distracts them, the older one shoots it right at “Mean Marge,” and it goes right through her neck.

TNT shows up as Carlos is trying to calm down Miss Mooney, and the three get to work. There’s no blood, and aside from the arrow in her neck, she seems fine. Tommy feels her neck and finds a mass, which kept the arrow from hitting her carotid. She thinks she’s going to be just fine as long as she gets it treated. The boys shot the arrow right at the problem, and they saved her life.

Just before she’s taken away in the ambulance, she tells Carlos about the box in her backyard and to make sure the boys and the other kids in the neighborhood get back what belongs to them. She then offers them to come over the next time one of their balls is thrown into the yard for some drinks.

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