‘Gotham Knights’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Under Pressure”


The third episode of Gotham Knights was explosive, to say the least. Let’s talk it through.

Meet the Mutant Gang

We open up the episode by watching the Mutant Gang loading stuff into a car. Carrie, like Robin, fights the leader when he’s left alone. He grabs one end of her metal hook, and she puts the other end in a fuse box to electrocute him. It stuns him, and he gets arrested. She runs away before the police get there.

She’s eager to tell Turner, Cullen, Duela, and Harper about this. This one was personal for Carrie. He’s the reason she met Batman in the first place.

She tells that story, and Duela says she looks forward to reading all about it in the journal, but Turner won’t give it up. Turner says the most important pages in the journal are the ones that were ripped out. Carrie, who ripped them out in the first place, says she has a test to study for. Totally inconspicuous.

Press Conference

Vernon Wagner, the mutant leader, is safely behind bars. Harvey Dent watches the press conference from the sidelines. GCPD takes full credit for taking down the leader of the Mutant Gang.

Afterward, he confronts the mayor about Brody March’s paid release from jail. The mayor says no money was stolen, and Harvey points out that the money went to the Mayor’s re-election campaign. The mayor makes a jab at the idea of Harvey possibly running for Mayor, then says he’ll see him at the Founder’s Gala.


The freed Brody March approaches Steph to invite her to the Founder’s Gala. She says yes, and Turner is not happy about it.

When digging into history, Turner learned that his great-great-grandfather was killed by the Court of Owls. Apparently, witnesses say he was last heard screaming, “The owls are in my house.”

Can’t solve the last murder, go back to the first.


They decide to look into this murder to find out more about the Court of Owls. However, they can’t get the files because they’re in the GCPD basement. Cullen says they can steal it, then looks at Duela and Harper with a look of active mischief. They look thrilled (sarcastically speaking).

Mutant Gang Retaliation

A GCPD airship gets shot down by the Mutant Gang. The press says it’s a wave of violence against those responsible for the arrest of their leader. Duela points out that Carrie took down the leader, GCPD takes the credit, and the Mutant Gang takes out everyone but her. She isn’t sure if Batman would be proud of Carrie, but Duela sure is.

Robin insists on going to clean up the mess. Turner wants to go with her, but Robin says no. Bruce Wayne didn’t want Turner to be roped into this life.

You were my dad’s backup. Let me be yours.


Cullen’s Move

Cullen will dress as a cop with an impressive stache to get the files from GCPD, but Harper says it’s dangerous. Duela agrees but insists Cullen can handle it. Harper’s so busy trying to protect her brother that she doesn’t realize he doesn’t need it. So maybe she needs to recognize that he’s a total badass. And Duela said that with an ulterior motive.

Founder’s Gala

Amanda Mazonkey/The CW

The Founder’s Gala is crawling with paparazzi and police. Steph meets Brody and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. March.

Robin drops into where the Mutant Gang is. She gets caught by a gang member, but Turner follows her. He hits the guy and knocks him out. Robin tells him she had it handled, and now she can’t question him.

Robin asks how he found this warehouse out of the many in Gotham. Apparently, his dad used to make a game out of teaching him situational awareness.

In the warehouse, they find empty containers of chemicals. They were planning something big, and, whatever it is, they already did it.

Harvey and Mrs. March

Amanda Mazonkey/The CW

At the Gala, Harvey greets Steph. Her immediate reaction is that she needs a lawyer if she’s going to be talking to him. Then, he greets Lincoln March, who introduces Harvey to Mrs. March.

Lincoln says Harvey must be running for mayor, and Harvey tells him that he’s focusing on the job he was elected to do. Lincoln says he needs to be a better liar if he’s going to be a politician.

Mrs. March says he’s a good liar. She almost believed him when he told her husband they’d never met. It is definitely getting hot in here.

File Transfer Request

At the police station, Cullen dresses as a cop (stache included), goes to the front desk, and asks for Records. He has (fake) file transfer request forms. The cop at the desk is short with him and sends him down the hall to the records office. He tells Cullen that, next time, he should bring coffee when he needs something, and it goes a long way. The cop also says he’ll remember him.

Bomb at the Gala

Harper sees what the chemicals are and realizes that the Mutant Gang is making a poison gas bomb. Duela puts together that they’re bombing the Founder’s Gala, and Turner is worried about Stephanie.

At the Gala, Brody brings Steph a drink. They commiserate over Brody’s parents, then Turner calls her and tells her to get out of there. That’s when the first grenade goes off in front of the buildings. The Mutant Gang is taking everyone hostage in a fun game called “What does this button do?”

If everyone wants to get out of there alive, they have to release Vernon Wagner by 10 p.m. tonight.

The Team Heads Out

Amanda Mazonkey/The CW

Carrie and Turner decide to go there. Harper should go because she knows how to disable a bomb.

Step one? Call the bomb squad.


However, they have the instructions for the bomb, but the bomb squad doesn’t. Duela will guide them through the Gala location, but only so she can punch a bunch of mutants.

Meanwhile, Cullen is led by the other police officers who are dealing with the hostage situation.

Steph lets Turner, Carrie, Duela, and Harper in. Duela beats up the mutant at the door who is guarding the bomb. Apparently, they have to disable the bomb exactly where it is, and if it’s moved, it’ll go boom.

Tension Rises

Amanda Mazonkey/The CW

The mayor tries to give the Mutant Gang what they want, and Harvey tries to reason with him. Does he not realize what will happen if they listen to their demands? It shows that not only do they negotiate with terrorists, but they give terrorists everything they want. The mayor’s response is a bunch of cowardly nonsense.

Apparently, there’s no way to turn off the bomb easily, and it can only be turned on easily. The bomb was set to go off no matter what. The mutants brought gas masks so they would be safe, but they’re planning to gas everyone regardless of what happens.

So, they need to buy time to fully disarm the bomb. The only person who will listen to them is Harvey, and Turner has to make him believe him.

Harvey Plays a Part

Turner dresses like one of the mutants to sneak in and get Harvey out so they can talk. He tells him what’s going on. Harvey wants to believe him and help him, but he shows up dressed like one of the Mutant Gang members, and he’s a fugitive.

He doesn’t have time to explain, but the Court of Owls killed his dad. Now they’re trying to kill him, and he can’t trust anyone. Harvey asks Turner why he trusts him, and Turner says, “Because my dad did.”

Harvey Hits

Harvey tells the mayor to call off the Mutant leader’s release plans because they’re going to gas everyone anyway. The idiot mayor doesn’t listen. Once the Mutant leader is released, the Mutant Gang members prepare to release the bomb, but Harvey tackles the guy with the button. Mutant Gang members aim to shoot at Harvey, and Carrie stops them.

Harper says she’s going to diffuse the pressure in the bomb. But before she can, Steph cuts the wire. It stops the bomb, and the button doesn’t work. Harvey punches the guy holding the button in the first face because, yeah. Screw him.

Harper and Steph Have It Out

Harper is furious that Steph cut the wire without knowing what would happen. Just because she has more money doesn’t mean she’s better than her. Steph argues that she never says that, but Harper says she did say that by cutting that wire.

This isn’t your daddy’s game show. Now, why don’t you go back to your cozy bedroom on the top floor of your mansion? It’ll be easier to look down on me from there.


They didn’t find a bomb in the place, and Harvey is so confused. As he should be.

Meanwhile, Duela took all the shiny jewelry. There are Court of Owls symbols on the watches, and Harvey had a watch taken off. Regardless, there were Court of Owls there. Cullen comes back with the files on the old Court of Owls murder. They’re going to dig through them.

Robin and Turner

Robin is so mad they let the Mutant Gang leader go.

Turner says he’s jealous of Carrie. He sees why his dad wanted her and wishes he got to see that side of him. Carrie says that Turner got to see the side that she never did. Dad. She was so young when her dad died. She never got to experience that kind of stuff. So, she’s jealous of him, too.

“My dad didn’t want me going down his path, and I may never know why. But I do know that following in his footsteps makes me feel closer to him. He wouldn’t want you to bear the weight of his legacy alone. Let me help you.”


Dent for Mayor

Cullen got Duela the Joker card from evidence lockup to remind her how much she hates her dad.

Harper and Cullen have a heartfelt moment.

Harper: “Cullen, you are the bravest person I know.”

Cullen: “I learned that from my pain in the ass sister.”

The mayor finds a Court of Owls coin in his car and looks terrified. The bomb with poison gas is in his car. The mayor dies, poisoned.

At the same time, Harvey Dent announces that he is running for Mayor of Gotham.

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