‘The Company You Keep’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Spy Who Loved Me”


Following Charlie’s cover nearly being blown to Emma, he spends the episode making sure his tracks are covered, only for things to fall apart at the last minute.

The Plate

Charlie dropped the car from the night before off at a junkyard to be disposed of. While having breakfast with Emma, he overhears that she’s going after it and tries to get a rush put on it being taken care of. Emma shows up before it’s taken care of, though, and the owner of the junkyard calls Charlie to come help.

He shows up and is able to get the plate switched out before Emma gets to it. The plate that he puts on leads the CIA to look in El Paso rather than Baltimore. Emma gets asked to head the operation that they’re starting there to nail Connor.

The Spy

ABC/Raymond Liu

Now with the disadvantage of Connor having ten million dollars that were supposed to be in Daphne’s pocket, she’s left scrambling to make up the distance. She learns that getting gain over political figures will help her and seeks out a little book of dirt on various people that’s in possession of a disgraced spy. Instead of going after it herself, she makes the Nicoletti’s get it.

They make a plan to convince the guy that they’re someone else. After trashing a hotel room and asking for his help to cover up the lies they’ve made up, Birdie convinces him to give her a ride so she can get more information. She doesn’t get all she wants but spots a key on him.

They’re able to track the eye to a university library. The spy catches them in it, though, and Charlie and Birdie have to figure out on the spot what his secret is so they can get out of there. They were able to figure out that he was having an affair with the Dean’s wife and threatened him enough to let them go with the book of secrets.

The New Addition

When the employee that Claire Fox told David to hire actually has some good ideas, he leans into them, to the dismay of his father. She helps direct him to use social media to his advantage, and he ultimately makes her his director of social media.

The I Love You’s

ABC/Raymond Liu

Following being asked to take over an operation in Texas, Emma asks Charlie to come with her. He’s shocked by it and even more stunned when Emma tells him she loves him. Charlie struggles to respond, and they end up leaving separately instead of having their date.

Both Charlie and Emma are acting off after it, and their siblings push them for more information. They respectively admit that they think the relationship is over. Emma is upset because she opened up to someone, and Charlie is struggling because Emma doesn’t know that she’s going after him.

Later when Daphne has the book that she wanted, she tells Charlie, not realizing he’s seeing Emma, that she’s going to use it against her so she’ll stop hunting Daphne.

Charlie runs and tells Emma about it and reveals to her that he’s been working for Daphne. She’s confused and hurt by the knowledge, and when she asks Charlie why he told her, he says because he loves her too.

The Company You Keep is back on Sunday, April 2 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show here!

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