‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 2 “Uncontrollable Forces”

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In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, Mayor Dean suffers his unfortunate demise and Lois gets her official diagnosis. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Uncontrollable Forces.”

Mayor Dean’s Last Words

Dean frantically calls Lana and tells her that what he did was for the Pride of Smallville before he gets killed by that faceless alien working with Bruno Mannheim. Lana is still on the phone when Dean gets shot and killed, left on the hood of his car. It smashes his phone and leaves him there. When Kyle gets the call about it he informs Lana about what happened and she’s distraught. She wants to tell Sarah immediately because Sarah and his son were really close, so she heads over to John Henry’s. Only when she gets there, she doesn’t find Sarah. He wasn’t aware Sarah didn’t ask for permission to go, but he told Natalie to be back by midnight. Lana wants to talk to her right now, but John asks if she wants to come in for dinner. They discuss what happened to Dean and they realize his last words were the same ones on the seal in Lana’s office. They head there and find a hard drive but as they are downloading the files, the faceless thorn in everyone’s side appears and takes it, crushing Lana’s computer in the process.

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Bruno’s Trial

The first trial of injectables is clearly not doing anything for Henry. The faceless gives an update on things and talks about Smallville, Dean is no longer a problem because he’s dead but John Henry Irons is alive. Superman is following one of the guys working with Bruno and he follows him straight to Bruno’s office. He has cameras so he catches him listening. Superman tries to get information out of him about Henry and why he has powers and was released from prison but Bruno offers no reprieve. Instead, he discusses the Suicide Slums, Superman “dragged” him into his backyard. He watched Lex Luthor and Morgan Edge become billionaires off the backs of the community, leaving them for dead. So Bruno became the person they looked to for help. He gave them hope and made real change. Unlike Superman, he doesn’t just put out fires. Superman says he saves lives but Bruno tells him he didn’t save any in Metropolis. Superman gets the call from Lois and goes to leave, but he tells Bruno they aren’t done. Bruno says they are, though.

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Party in Metropolis

Sarah and Natalie go to a party in Metropolis hoping to run into Natalie’s boyfriend from the other world. Only on this Earth, he is already with somebody else. Nat sets her sights elsewhere when Matteo stares at her from across the pool. Sarah, being Nat’s wing woman, goes up to him and “forces” his hand. They spend the rest of the time getting to know each other while Sarah plays cup pong with Jordan. Jonathan, meanwhile, is surprised with a necklace from Eliza. She brings him upstairs and kisses him but he pulls away and tells her he has a girlfriend. She promises she won’t say anything if he’s worried about that but he apologizes and leaves. Sarah talks smack to the other team, including the guy’s house they are at. One of his friends tells Jordan to get him another beer for spilling the last one all over him and they call him a bunch of names. Sarah grabs a beer off the table and throws it in his face. It angers him greatly, so they quickly run out with Natalie in tow and Matteo wanting to know more.

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Lois’ Cancer Diagnosis

Lois spends her time going back and forth from Smallville to Metropolis to get tests done. When the results come back, she finds out she has stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. She hides the diagnosis from Clark and the boys so she doesn’t worry them but after talking Judge Reagan off a ledge, Superman overhears her telling her about the diagnosis. Lois apologizes for not telling him sooner, but Clark promises they’ll get through it together. When she tells Jonathan and Jordan, they’re clearly very shaken.

New episodes of Superman & Lois air Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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