‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “Looks Like We Made It”


In episode eight of Daisy Jones & The Six, the band heads out on their sold-out Aurora world tour, KarenGraham finally makes things official, and Daisy has a tragic accident. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Looks Like We Made It.”

Aurora World Tour

The band sets out for their Aurora world tour now that Daisy is back in LA. Camila is staying behind with Julia, but Nicky is headed out with Daisy. Daisy and Billy are at odds with each other and are making demands to Rod. They each want their own suites (preferably on separate floors), separate busses, the whole nine yards. And the record label grants them all of it. Out on tour, Daisy and the band (sans Billy) are partying it up nightly on the other bus while Billy goes out for night runs and watches the television in the empty bus, but it’s clear he’s feeling lonesome. On one of his night runs two days into the tour, he calls Camila in the middle of the night to talk to Julia, but Camila doesn’t think that’s a good idea; she needs to sleep.

Camila Has Arrived

Camila spends a stint on tour and surprises the whole band. They’re having yet another party, this time in a hotel room, and Billy doesn’t want to go, but Camila drags him out of bed. There, it’s clear he’s out of his element. All the temptations of drugs and alcohol are engulfing him, but Camila is there to keep him stable. Nicky asks if Camila wants a drink, and she takes it as he hands one to Billy, which Camila also grabs. Eventually, after spending time with Karen dancing and smoking, she needs fresh air. She heads out onto the balcony where Eddie is hiding. He wants to talk about their affair, but Camila doesn’t think they need to. Eddie would feel better if they did, but Camila says as much as she is glad that it happened, it can’t happen again, leaving Eddie heartbroken and alone on the balcony.

KarenGraham Make It Official

Warren and Eddie pay one of the groupies to go bother Graham, and he looks visibly uncomfortable. He gets out of his bunk and scoots past her. Warren and Eddie laugh but can’t help but wonder what’s going on with him. They ask him if he’s into dudes now (but make it clear they have no problem with that), but Karen interjects. He’s not into dudes, and they’ve been sleeping together since the Aurora sessions. Eddie and Warren start laughing even harder as they don’t believe it. So, Karen saunters over to Graham and makes out with him, and they head to the back of the bus.

Daisy’s Rock Bottom

As the tour progresses, Daisy is doing more and more drugs. Billy seems to be the only one that notices it and confronts Rod, asking him for help. He wants him to talk to Daisy about it and be honest, but according to Rod, being honest in this line of work will only get you fired, and he doesn’t want to lose his job. So, he tells Billy he should talk to Nicky and see if he can’t get through to Daisy. Billy looks against the idea, but he also knows somebody’s got to do it. He approaches Nicky accusatorially. She’s never done this much at once before. Nicky says that Billy’s just upset Daisy doesn’t need him anymore, and he wants her to need him, that’s all he cares about. He tries to push past Billy, and Billy threatens him. Billy eventually lands a hit on Nicky, and they get into a mini brawl. Graham tries to break it up, but Warren, mid-bite of his sandwich, holds him back. Rod pulls Billy off Nicky and Daisy comes storming into the room, screaming at Billy, who walks off. They still have a show to do.

At that show, it’s a complete disaster. Daisy is messing up lyrics worse than ever before, and the room starts spinning. She catches herself on the drum riser but ends up cutting her leg. Billy grabs her and drags her off stage to wrap her leg and tell her she’s done performing, but the crowd is chanting her name … she’ll tell him when she’s done. She goes back out on stage and starts singing “Look At Us Now” acapella as the band looks on shocked, though after a second, Eddie is rather smug. Billy angrily takes himself off stage.

Then starts the drugged-up spiral — Nicky keeps Daisy pumped full of drugs and alcohol as they party themselves away. Meanwhile, Billy is still angry about the song, and Rod tries to calm him down by telling him it’s just a song, Billy calls it a mutiny. He storms off to Daisy’s hotel room with Rod in tow, and Nicky answers the door, clearly spooked. He tells them she’s fine and to go away, but Billy knows that’s not true and pushes past him, where he finds Daisy lying down in the shower. He runs over and tells Rod to call an ambulance as Nicky starts frantically packing his bags because he “can’t be here” (what a douchebag). Daisy eventually comes to, but she narrowly escaped an overdose. When she wakes, she finds a red-eyed Billy holding her.

The first eight episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video.

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