‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 “Control Freaks”

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The 50th episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star aired this week and involved some wedding plans for fiancés T.K. and Carlos, and when Owen goes overboard, they try to wrangle in someone else, but it backfires. Meanwhile, as Marjan is on the road, she comes across a couple and a cry for help.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Control Freaks.”

Messy Wedding Planning

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T.K. and Carlos show off their handsome tuxes to Owen, Mateo, and Nancy, which nearly turns into a full-on cry fest. While it’s a unanimous “love” for the tuxedos, Owen isn’t so fond of the pocket squares. The fiancés suggest changing the pocket squares, but Owen says it’s not the pocket squares but the color palette.

“It’s like Paul’s oatmeal.”

Owen says they are going for transcendent, not “dope.” He promises the wedding is going to be out of control, and Carlos points out that someone already is.

Carlos shows up at the firehouse with tacos, and the entire team is delighted to see him (more so for the tacos). Owen tells T.K. and Carlos that there is a wedding cake tasting at the house tomorrow, but the two were already under the impression they were going with the traditional white from the same bakery that did Carlos’ sisters’ quinceañeras. Owen wants to throw in another candidate: gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. He says that after everyone gets a sugar crash from the cake, they head to the exits, and the “whole joy is just sucked out of the wedding.”

After Owen leaves, the crew talks about how controlling Owen is and that he’s drunk on power. Judd suggests the simple thing of talking to him (even though it didn’t go so well when he did the same thing with Grace’s dad because the two didn’t talk for two years), and while T.K. has thought about it, he hasn’t seen his dad this excited about anything in his entire life. Carlos, meanwhile, doesn’t want to kick off his son-in-law relationship with a “back off.” Judd, Paul, Mateo, and Nancy keep making jokes, and Carlos knows that they’re right. He knows just the person to stand up to Owen.

Taking Charge

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In a very much The Godfather way, Andrea Reyes confronts her son and almost-son-in-law, and the two apologize for excluding her. Carlos says they just wanted to make their wedding their own, but that hasn’t really been going to plan since Owen has “gone insane,” as T.K. put it. He was hoping she could reel in his father, but Andrea says that a relationship with the in-laws is too important. If Owen wants to take charge, she can’t interfere. Once Carlos brings up the gluten-free cake, Andrea is on board to stop him.

The three arrive at Owen’s for the cake testing, and Owen tries to turn her on to the idea of a vegan cake. They do a blind taste test, and what a surprise, the vegan cake ends up … taking the cake. As Owen and Andrea ramble on about the cake and flower arrangements, T.K. and Carlos realize their plan has completely backfired, and their parents are going overboard together.

T.K., Carlos, Owen, and Andrea are checking out floral arrangements, and they are a bit big compared to what T.K. and Carlos had in mind. But Owen and Andrea want to go even bigger and are willing to pay for it. When being nice doesn’t work out, T.K. gets fed up and stands his ground, firing his dad, and Carlos fires his mom.

When to Listen

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Back at the house, Owen and Andrea eat a piece of the traditional cake and discuss their sons. Andrea gets candid about when Carlos came out and not knowing how to react or talk to him. Her biggest regret is doing nothing. Owen assures her that she’s a good mom. Since she opened up, Andrea asks Owen why he’s going so overboard.

Owen visits T.K., who is alone at the loft since Carlos went out with Andrea. He admits he went slightly overboard with the wedding planning, but T.K. doesn’t see it as “slightly.”

“Leo went less overboard on the Titanic.”

Owen admits the reason he went overboard is because it would be the last time that T.K. would need him. However, T.K. says he’s still going to need him because he’s an amazing father, and he hopes to be one, too, someday. He’s going to need his help and guidance and will always need his best friend.

On the Road

We finally meet up with Marjan once again after she left the 126, and she has just been cruising the highway. Now in New Mexico, she pulls over when she spots a couple and their RV on the side of the road, as they’re having engine troubles. Being the sweet person that she is, Marjan helps out Grant and Kiley with the engine as much as she could. She sends them on their way, and Marjan finds a note on her motorcycle with the words “Help, he’s going to kill me” on it.

A Cry for Help

Marjan follows Grant and Kiley to a truck stop, and the couple looks happy, but they’re clearly faking it. A trucker sits down next to Marjan, introducing herself as Patty. Marian’s distracted, and Patty notices her looking at their Instagram. She tells her what happened and later follows Kylie to the restroom, who is relieved to see her.

Kylie admits that it’s been getting worse and shows Marjan a bruise on her neck. Marjan assures her that this isn’t her fault. She tries to call the cops, but Kylie stops her, telling her they won’t listen. Kylie was hoping that Marjan could save her, and while she doesn’t have the means to get her away herself, she says she’s going to figure something else out.

Marjan asks Patty if she’s willing to let Kylie tag along, and she’s all for it, but unfortunately, they run out of time since the RV is back in working order, an hour ahead of schedule. Marjan has an idea, and to stall time, she sends two pieces of pie over to the couple.

Grant and Kylie get ready to leave but the engine won’t start. He confronts the mechanic, and when they’re arguing, Marjan comes up to “help.” Grant and the mechanic take a look at the engine, and Marjan gives Kylie the “okay” to go to Patty’s truck. When Grant realizes Kylie isn’t there, Patty drives away. Unfortunately, Kylie never ended up getting on. Grant says that Kylie has always been weak and knows who she belongs to.

Saving the Day

Grant and Kylie are back on the road, and Grant is upset that Kylie almost left him. When Kylie starts crying, he forbids her from doing so and wonders when he started scheming with Marjan, so Kylie admits what happened. Even though Grant says Marjan abandoned her, that’s not really the case, as she is tailing the RV.

When they stop at a gas station and go in, Marjan takes her chance to hide in the RV. As they’re driving, Grant pulls over to talk to Kylie about her crying, and Marjan records it. She comes out of hiding when Grant slaps her, and she uses the fire extinguisher she left with them to knock him out.

“Told you this would come in handy.”

After they deal with the cops, Grant is arrested, and Kylie tells Marjan that they actually listened to her this time, thanks to the video evidence, and she thanks Marjan for what she did. Kylie says that Marjan’s purpose is rescuing people, and she’s her hero.

Flying Cars

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A dad (Kevin) is giving his son (Wesley) driving lessons, and it’s not particularly going so well. The dad has set up a little test in a parking lot for parallel parking, but when it proves to be a failure, and they start arguing, they switch seats. Wesley starts having chest problems while driving, and they somehow manage to “fly” up a cell tower.

The 126 show up to the scene, not believing what they’re seeing. The car is sitting on 10,000 volts, so they have to get the father and son down from there and fast. They believe Kevin is suffering from a widow maker. Using a blanket and board, and after some hesitation, both Kevin and Wesley make it out of the car safe and sound just in time before the vehicle explodes. Kevin is going to be okay and will have a stent put in, but he should be on his feet within a week. He praises his son, saying he’s ready for anything and is going to be a great driver, better than his old man. To prove even more that he’s fine, he becomes a backseat driver when it comes to what hospital he’s going to.

“Gotta love a control freak.”

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call 800-799-7233, text START to 88788, or visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website. Never be afraid to ask for help.

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