‘Ghosts’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 17 “Weekend From Hell”

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This week on Ghosts, there was a hell of a rollercoaster, no pun intended. Let’s walk through the return of Elias and Jay’s new (ghostly) drug obsession.

Elias Returns

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

This episode starts out with a brand new, fresh Martino Family Newsletter! What’s going on with Pete’s daughter and Grandson? Sam has Jay read it for the ghosts (so he can be included), and Hetty says that the experience is hell.

As if on cue, a portal to Hell opens on the floor of the mansion. Hetty’s ex-husband Elias is back on a 48-hour furlough from Hell for his good behavior. He says he’s a changed man. He won’t walk through people and make them horny. He won’t run the BnB out of business.

However, everyone needs to reintroduce themselves to Elias because he wasn’t paying attention before. But now, he sees them all as equals, even the women.

Jay Gets Flowered


Jay’s making a delicious lunch. He walks through Flower by mistake and gets high enough to see rainbows. He still has to make lunch for the guests.

Trevor says they should tell Sam what happened, and Sass says they should just watch it play out, so they do.

Jay serves lunch. He also writes a rock opera and finishes an adult coloring book.

Thankfully, guests love the meal that Jay doesn’t remember cooking. They love it so much that one of them told Menu Hopper about it, a TV host who features foodie locations on her show. Jay just has to make the meal again for her when she visits. But he doesn’t remember it!

That’s okay, though. The ghosts will remember the recipe! Sam asks what they remember.

There was chicken!


That’s the only confident statement they have. So, they’re not entirely helpful.

The Contract

Elias talks to everyone and apologizes for his past behavior, but Hetty doesn’t buy the act for one second. Elias isn’t sorry about any of it and says rumors are true about Hell; it’s bad and makes you rethink things.

If I forgive you, will you at least stop talking to me remainder of your visit?


Elias says, yes! He can do that. All Hetty has to do is sign a contract saying she forgives him. It’ll get Elias out of Hell, but he’ll be stuck at the mansion for eternity. Hetty rejects this instantly.

Pete’s Soul

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Sam gets another Martino Family Newsletter. Apparently, Pete’s grandson was in an accident, and he’s in critical condition. Elias says Pete could sell his soul to the devil to save his grandson. All it would take is a simple handshake, and Pete obviously does it.

But Elias is Elias. Pete’s grandson is fine, and he was always fine. Elias had the fake email sent from Hell so Pete would sell his soul.

Sign my forgiveness contract, and I will release Pete’s soul from damnation.


Pete’s relieved. Hetty will do this! He won’t have to go to Hell! But Hetty won’t make eye contact. She doesn’t want to sign it.

The group debates. Elias says that Pete’s soul is pure, like a baby’s. He won’t do well in Hell.

You cannot let Pete go down on us. No one wants to see that.


Alberta’s right in her poorly worded statement, so Hetty agrees to sign the contract.

More Drugs for Jay


The Menu Hunter gets there in two hours, and Jay still doesn’t remember the recipe. Trevor says he needs another hit of Flower. It’ll put him in the same headspace he was in when he originally came up with the recipe.

In my experience, more drugs usually are the answer.


Sam disapproves, but Jay and the ghosts are going to try.

The Pen

Hetty tells Pete that he has to give his TV time to her for the rest of the year for this. But the pen won’t work on the contract. Apparently, forgiveness has to be offered in all sincerity, and Hetty has to actually forgive Elias and mean it.

Hetty says it won’t work, and she can’t forgive Elias. Isaac says that Elias will just have to do whatever it takes to earn Hetty’s forgiveness.

Elias is Staying?

Elias starts listing off things he’s sorry about. Hetty’s still not having it.

Pete asks Thor for some self-defense tips. Thor tells Pete that eye gouging and genital punching are about to become his best friends.

Hetty says she can’t forgive Elias because releasing him from Hell would make him happy, and Hetty doesn’t want him to be happy. Alberta tells Hetty that fixating on men doesn’t do anything because the men don’t care. Doing so will only hurt Hetty.

Realizing this, Hetty is able to forgive Elias. The pen works, and Hetty even feels better. Elias says he’s going to wreak havoc in the mansion, but Sam has other ideas.

Thor, if Elias does anything wrong, throw him in the vault.


Jay Needs Another Hit


Sass gets Sam and brings her to the kitchen. Jay is losing it. Flower’s powers are not working. He’s trying to get another hit from Flower so he can remember the recipe.

You don’t need Flower. You’re a great Chef.”


Jay is worried he’s not ready to be the chef that deserves to be on TV. With a perfect reference to Star Wars, Sam gets Jay back on track.

The Menu Hunter

The Menu Hunter shows up to try Jay’s cooking. If she likes the meal, it’ll get featured on the show.

While she’s trying the food, Elias announces that he’s going back to Hell. He can’t be on his best behavior all the time, living on the threat of Thor throwing him in the vault. So tomorrow, when the vault opens up, he’s going back to the underworld.

And, since he’s leaving anyway, he decides to go through someone to make them horny before he goes. His victim? The Menu Hunter.

There’s a very sexual montage of her eating the lamb chops. It actually works in their favor. She loved Jay’s meal.

Elias Goes Down On Everyone

The portal to Hell opens, and Elias says he’s going back.

Thank you for going down on us.


Elias tries to steal Pete and take his soul with him. Thor tells Pete to remember his training! He goes for the eyes and the genitals, and Elias … goes down on them.

Ghosts airs Thursdays at 8:30 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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