‘Ghosts’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 14 “Trevor’s Body”

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Isaac and Nigel were on a respite, and Trevor is sexting his dad. This week’s episode of Ghosts was wild from start to finish. Let’s break it down.

Fishing for Trevor

The episode starts off strong with Jay fishing with some of the guests at the BnB. Thor, Isaac, and Nigel watch from the sidelines as a guest catches a human skull! Yikes.

Sam and Jay call the coroner (Marvin’s good, by the way. The wife is good. The kids are good). Apparently, the skull belongs to Trevor, which he obviously could tell from the chiseled jawbone.

When Trevor’s parents find out, they come to visit and get some closure.

The Liaison

Thor, Pete, and Nigel are watching ants in the shed. Isaac’s not all that interested, but he’s there.

Eventually, Isaac pulls Nigel away because his ex, Jenkins, is staring there. It’s creepy.

Pete says he likes the shed. He’s glad Isaac and Nigel got together. Jenkins chips in, asking how long it could last? Thor and Pete are confused until Jenkins tells them that he and Nigel “liaisoned” on Christmas Eve. Wink, wink. Yikes, again.

Trevor’s Parents

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Sam and Jay help Trevor catch up with his parents. They came to the area for closure now that they’ve got Trevor’s remains. Trevor’s brother, Jeremy, sleeps until noon and calls when he needs money. Trevor isn’t surprised by this in the slightest.

Trevor tells Sam to ask if they still live in his childhood home. His mom says she still does, but her and Trevor’s dad got divorced. Yet another yikes.

Flower’s Slip Up

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Pete, Thor, Hetty, and Flower aren’t sure if they should tell Isaac what they found out from Jenkins. Pete says that find out out his wife cheated on him was the worst day of his afterlife. The room is thoroughly divided.

That is, until Isaac walks in and asks what they’re talking about. Flower lets it slip to him (by telling him directly in the third person. Oh, flower) that Jenkins and Nigel had “liaisons” when they were broken up for a few hours on Christmas Eve.

The Parent Trap

Trevor’s really messed up about the fact that his parents are divorced. He’s a ghost of divorce. He has the genius idea to throw a memorial and “parent trap them” from behind the grave so they can get back together. Trevor can even help Sam create romantic scenarios.

Jay says they should let Trevor’s parents be. There’s obviously a reason they got divorced. Trevor says its his fault and he wants a chance to fix it. Sam asks if Jay could possibly deny Trevor that, and he says no. He can’t. Fine. They’ll parent trap Trevor’s parents.

Sparks Flying

With the help of Sam, Trevor sets his parents up with a candlelit dinner. At first, it doens’t work very well. They mostly engage in small talk.

That is, until Sam serves Red Snapper, the same drink they had every year at their anniversary. Also, “Best of Times” plays, courtesy of Trevor. It’s their song. The sparks start to fly.

Jay sets Trevor’s parents up for a movie night. They keep flirting until Trevor’s dad gets a work call. The heated moment is completely interrupted, but he says it’s a great time for the call. Trevor’s mom leaves the room.

The Respite

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Isaac confronts Nigel about the cheating. Nigel says they were on a “respite”

Isaac tells him they were only on a “respite” for fifteen hours. It’s a classic case of Ross and Rachel’s “We were on a break!”

Isaac goes to Alberta, Sass, Pete, and Thor for emotional support. Thor tells him that there’s another gay ghost on the Tharnsby’s property. Isaac tells Thor to set it up.

Sexting Trevor’s Dad

It’s not going to work with Trevor’s parents, so Sam says Trevor should intervene. She suggests he send a risqué message to his dad from his mom’s phone. “You want him to sext his dad?” Jay asks. Trevor loves it. He rushes off to do it.

After that goal is accomplished, Sam says they look cozy during the memorial. Hetty, Alberta, and Flower all watched. They definitely did the horizontal tango.

Tara Reid shows up for the funeral. She was a huge movie star who Trevor had a crush on. Jeremy sent her instead of showing up to his brother’s memorial. Trevor’s touched.

Meeting George

Thor introduces Isaac to George, a religious gay ghost across the street. George and Isaac yell across the way. Isaac wants to take things slow, but George is eager. He tells Isaac that he wants sex, and he wants it now. Isaac tries to talk about books, asking “Did you read the Illiad?” George says, “What did you say about an oily lad? Describe him. Slowly.” It does not go well.

Tara Reid

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There’s a montage of Trevor at the memorial, and his mom makes a beautiful speech. She says it feels like Trevor is in the room with them. Trevor really loves his family.

His dad starts to make a speech, as well, but is actually cut off by Tara Reid. Pop In (the app that Jeremy used to get her there) and Taco Bell have teamed up. Anyone who leaves the memorial and mentions Trevor in the Taco Bell drive through gets a free drink. Classy. Very Trevor.

Tara Reid reminisces about Trevor. He was a bit of a player, just like his dad. That’s right, Trevor’s dad slipped Tara Reid his business card. Yet another yikes for the episode.

The Gentleman

Through their separate liaisons (Jenkins and George), Nigel and Isaac realize that they’re really good together. Isaac doesn’t want Nigel staying in the shed with Jenkins anymore, though. Nigel is to move into the Mansion — a nearby room. They can’t move too quickly, but it’s a big step for them.

Innocent Explanation

Sam and Jay follow Trevor’s parents as they walk into the kitchen. Trevor desperately wants Sam to fix it, so she insists that “maybe there’s an innocent explanation.” Sam then tells them, what if Trevor is here? He could think the divorce is his fault because of the timing of their divorce.

Trevor’s mom explains that their divorce had nothing to do with Trevor’s death. His dad cheated on her when the boys were in junior high. The kids were the best thing to come out of their marriage, and Trevor shouldn’t feel guilty.

Trevor wants to hug his mom. Alberta steps in to fill Trevor’s Mom-Hug void.

Growing Apart

After everything, Sam asks Jay, “We’re never gonna grow apart, right, Jay?”

Jay pauses the game (wise move, Jay) so they can talk about the future. Sam’s worried they’ll be empty nesters and their love will fade. Jay insists that they’ll never be empty nesters. They have eight idiot kids (the ghosts) who can never leave.

Just as Tara Reid is trying to leave, the vase falls and she almost trips over it the same way Sam did in the pilot. Trevor pushed it to try to kill her so she could stay. Classic Trevor.

The next episode of Ghosts will air on Thursday, February 16 at 8:30 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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