‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “Lion’s Breath”


The pack uncovers a truth about the wildfires, Blake’s family is forced to leave the motel, and Luna confides in her crush. Meanwhile, Ramsey’s investigation closes in on a suspect. Keep reading for what happens in “Lion’s Breath.”

Persistent Visions

Everett wakes up out of his sleep in a cold sweat and he sees Baron across his room. He asks if he can remember who he is and offers to help him. He has to remember his name. When he tries to tell him what his name is Baron shows his fangs and disappears. Everett follows him around his house and into the kitchen. Baron tells him he’s not the one doing this — he wouldn’t kill people. He’s not in control. A vision of Phoebe appears and she tells him that the wolf doesn’t need a pack to survive. If he doesn’t like them anymore he can just make a new one. Everett asks who it’s going to kill next and she opens her mouth and plays a very familiar tune — the same one Austin played on the piano with Luna.

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Shocking Discovery

The wolf brings Phoebe’s body to the motel and unfortunately, Danny is the one that discovers it sitting in the bathtub with blood all over the floor and walls. Gruesome. The police are called to the crime scene to investigate. Ramsey wants to talk to Blake and all the kids that were at the party with Phoebe as they were the last to see her alive. Blake and Everett soon arrive to see all the police and the yellow tape. Blake rushes to her dad to ask if Danny is okay when he tells her Danny is the one that found the body. Ramsey tries to get Blake to talk to her but before she can, her dad interjects and asks for a lawyer. Eventually, Blake gives it up and agrees to talk to her as long as nothing happens to Danny.

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Check Mate

Ramsey has a flashback to the fire nearly 2 decades prior. After the department putting out the fires shot and killed the last wolf, they come across another one, who they presume is its mate. She changes from a wolf to a half-wolf half-human hybrid. She goes after the squad, slaughtering them one by one. As Malcolm realizes his chances are slim, he runs, letting his team die at the hands of her. She eventually shifts back to looking way more human than before, laying in the ambers and soot from the fire.

Here’s The Plan

Everett devises a plan with the help of Harlan to kill the wolf side of Baron but to “resurrect” the human side. They need a freezer to keep the body temperature down so that even if their heart stops the brain will still function. They also need a defibrillator and shots of Aminefron, which Harlan gets from Cody. When Luna approaches Austin to tell him about the wolf trying to kill him he agrees to the plan and has no questions about it. The only question he wants answered is if Luna really likes him. When she answers “sometimes” he takes it as a good enough answer.

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Cover Up?

Ramsey and Garrett are back investigating the warehouse where it all began — the fires and the body dumping, obviously. He asks to borrow the flashlight and as he hands it over her hand also reaches into her holster where her gun is. They break into a locked door and see the bodies (18 to be exact) at the bottom of the hole. After going down to investigate further, Ramsey reaches for her phone to call it in but Garrett stops her. There are things about Luna and Harlan that can’t get out and if they did it would change their lives forever. He wants to protect them but so does she, as she vows to take care of them like her own. They agree not to call it in.

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The pack and Austin are now trying to the wolf into the giant freezer. Luna tries to get Austin to hit her to make the wolf feel like he’s a threat. But he can’t do it. Instead, he kisses her but it only seems to make the wolf angrier? They run and eventually Austin hands his hoodie to Blake so she can outrun him while pretending to be him. She lures him right into the freezer, but once inside he tries to go after her. Everett holds him off momentarily and Harlan tries to come in with the assist to take him down but he’s too strong for them.

Everett chokes out a message to Baron to remember who he is and what his name is. Eventually, it weakens the supernatural creature long enough for them to get out and wait for it to die. As the heart stops, they grab all the gear they need to resurrect the human side of the wolf. But they’re missing the shot they need. Austin comes into the room claiming he has it as he stabs Baron in the chest with the silver knife. Baron screams in agony as the pack looks on in horror.

The first seven episodes of Wolf Pack season 1 are available to stream on Paramount+.

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